Write For Us Guideline

We are looking for a freelance automotive writer with experience and advanced English grammar skills to make our website grow bigger and faster. We need a devoted addict that will launch a determined attack on all unprofessional, weak content that roams the Internet these days and misleads people. It has to be a passionate car enthusiast in-the-know that will become our key content writer.

We need high-quality, accurate, unique, and transparent information on any vehicle type. Thus, our content writer should be able to give more than anyone else (or, at least, think that way).

We are not looking for standard “dry” news-like articles or reviews full of milk and water. We appreciate stylish and unique content that catches the eye of our large reader community and makes them want to read an article to the very end. It means your content (reviews, interviews, tops, articles, entertaining, or exclusive content) should always be exciting, user-friendly, informative, and magnetic. That’s how we see it. If you know you can write like that, we are more than happy to consider your content.


What’s in it for you? With us, you will achieve more visibility, popularity, and establish yourself as an experienced writer in the new community and beyond. You will find passionate car enthusiasts just like you to share experience, gain more insight, and expand your automotive profile. Plus, we are always ready to discuss payment, depending on your experience and expectations.

Let people know your unique style and become our proud writer today!


Two steps to follow if you think you are ready:

  1. Apply in the field below.
  2. Please, send 100% unique and only car-related content. We appreciate new ideas and fresh opinions, so you are always welcome to suggest your own topic for consideration.


Can I use external links in my Content?

Please, do NOT embed ANY links for SEO value in your articles. We only accept external links in Author’s Bio.

Will I have to share my article on social media?

That’s not obligatory. However, we strongly value our social media-active users who share their works online, i.e., links to their articles that lead to our website, for obvious reasons.

Who owns my work?

After we accept your article, we become the only owners, including all 100% unique pictures and videos inside of it. Your article should not be anywhere else online except for our website. But you are always free to work as a freelance for anyone else if you want.

Can I use a pen name?

Of course. You can use a nickname, pseudonym, or write anonymously as our “Expert Writer” if you want.

What happens if my work isn’t approved?

If we notice any problems with an article we like, whether it’s grammar or any missing points, our editorial team lets our guest writers know about everything to be corrected in the feedback. After you consider all our comments, we will approve the article.

What if I don’t have any portfolio?

We will have to ask you to write one probationary not-paid article. If we like it – we shall post it on our website. After the article is accepted, you will be approved to submit your new articles.

How do I submit my article?

Please, send us a link to a document with your work in Google Doc, or use Microsoft Word (or similar) to send us a file with your article. Unique photos/images/drawings are always appreciated, though not obligatory (for most publications). We have our own images/photos for articles.

User Submission Terms & Conditions

By submitting your Content* to MechanicFAQ.com website (collectively “Mechanic FAQ”), you hereby grant Mechanic FAQ an unrestricted, transferable, sub-licensable, irrevocable, royalty-free, and constant permission to publicly display, reproduce, distribute, make derivative works of, and otherwise, use the Content for any commercial purpose at Mechanic FAQ’s discretion, including, without limitation, through any media whatsoever known at the moment or further invented.

*Content means any information, images, photos, notes, tips, concepts, designs, reviews, ratings, ideas, opinions, video, and audio material, and other items or property depicted in the submitted images, or other Content in any form submitted by a writer to MechanicFAQ.com.

You hereby disclaim any right to any compensation from “Mechanic FAQ” in connection with Mechanic FAQ’s exercise of its license rights in and to the Content you have submitted to Mechanic FAQ.

Mechanic FAQ reserves the right to review any Content and remove, correct, or otherwise, modify such Content, in its sole discretion, at any time and without notice or further obligation to you. Mechanic FAQ has no obligation to publish, display, or post any Content without your approval.