Top 5 Exhaust Systems for Toyota Tundra Review [2022]

The efficiency of the exhaust extraction system affects the vehicle’s dynamic during acceleration and braking, as well as the quality of steep climbing. A faulty exhaust system results in increased fuel consumption, and in this case, the power pack does not show good traction.

List of Top-Rated Exhaust Systems for Toyota Tundra

Product ImageProduct NameFitsMore Information
Banks 48130 Banks 4813000-06 TundraView on Amazon
Genuine Toyota PTR03-34101Engines: 2009MY+ fits 5.7L V8 or 2010MY+ 4.6L V8. For medium wheelbase vehicles, including Reg Cab-Long Bed, Double Cab-Std Bed, Crew Max.View on Amazon
Magnaflow 19232 Magnaflow 19232Tundra 09-19View on Amazon
Flowmaster 817692 Flowmaster 817692Tundra 09-18 with a 4.6L or 5.7L V8 engine and a 145" wheelbase.View on Amazon
Borla 140332 Borla 14033209-16 Toyota TundraView on Amazon

The loss of engine power, reception, increased fuel consumption is often associated with problems in the exhaust system. Additional factors include rattling, increased vibration under the bottom, gas odor under the hood and inside a car.

Toyota Tundra

For normal operation, you may want to look for quality high-class exhaust systems that will keep your engine’s cylinder gases from entering the cooling system. The cooling process reduces the toxicity and noise generation of the gases, and as a result, the pleasure of driving a vehicle with an upgraded exhaust system and reduced fuel consumption. No vibration, rattles, odors, etc.

If you are thinking about getting the best exhaust system for your Toyota Tundra and/or sick of the sound of your stock parts, we have something you might be interested in right here in our top list of exhaust systems for Toyota Tundra. Take a look.

The Best Exhaust Systems for Toyota Tundra Reviews

Banks 48130 — Monster Exhaust System

Banks 48130

Release the BEAST with Banks and add some style and performance to your Tundra and make your engine live longer.

No special tools needed, everything fits perfectly, no bends to make, and nothing extra to take off. All the parts fit together like puzzle pieces! Takes around 1 hour from start to finish. The muffler is polished stainless mirror shine with splendid welds and has big letters “Banks Monster” embossed on the side.

An extra joint in the exhaust between the rear diff section and tip that makes it easy to adjust the tip angle to your preference is also included. Reduces exhaust gas temperatures and increases fuel efficiency in the process.

It provides faster hill climbing with less downshifting. Also, better mileage. For an added flow and performance boost choose a system with the optional Power Elbow, which decreases the stock outlet and pipe backpressure by up to 40%.

Sounds really smooth with light throttle and just a small amount of muted drone (no annoying cab drone) at certain rpm’s in overdrive, also with a nice V8 rumble when on the throttle. Not loud at all, maybe just a little bit louder than factory with a deeper sound.

Note: hangers & clamps are not stainless.

Genuine Toyota PTR03-34101 — TRD Cat-Back Exhaust System

Genuine Toyota PTR03-34101

TRD was tuned to provide a beautiful, deep sound without noise and vibration inside the cab, whether it’s driving in the city, on the highway or while towing. Simply put, you won’t need any earplugs, but your neighbors will most likely recognize you by the sound of your vehicle.

PTR03-34101 is just a muffler, but a good one. It will reduce the noise caused by exhaust emissions from the exhaust outlet manifold and make your engine happy. The exhaust nozzle is internally coated with a soundproofing material that is rendered unusable during operation. As a result, a vehicle makes more noise which irritates both an owner and other drivers.

The system is made of stainless steel with two-wall ends and the TRD logo embossed on top of them. Stainless steel, cat-back exhaust design with dual TRD logo-etched tips. Double walls are designed not only to improve the appearance of the exhaust system but also to help prevent colored streaks on the polished stainless steel surface that occurs when heated. Easy locate parts, exact fit. Produces a deep, throaty, award-winning exhaust note while meeting the legal 95-decibel noise limit, as required by law.

Note: this is not an aftermarket part. This muffler goes without a tailpipe. To complete the installation, you will have to get a TRD tailpipe kit (PTR03-34106) though.

Magnaflow 19232 — Exhaust System

Magnaflow 19232

Everyone wants more horsepower & torque, greater fuel efficiency, and a meaner sound… and easy install. Magnaflow Performance exhaust systems were engineered to increase performance while saving great sound. Straight-through flow designs for the ultimate in unrestricted horsepower and torque while maintaining exhaust efficiency.

Those aware of the Toyota V8s know that they all sound very quiet and tasteless, despite the volume. This is the case when the release system is to blame for the dubious sound, not the engine. The whole V8 juice remains somewhere in dual catalysts, thin pipes and a silencer the size of a beer barrel… And that’s where the Magnaflow 19232 Exhaust System is one of the best decisions.

Made in the U.S., this one is an engineered balance of interior and exterior noise levels, tested against SAE j1169 standards. One of the best choices for those seeking increased performance and better economy. While giving your truck a health growly exhaust note, MF Series kits deliver the smooth, deep sound and the wide-open performance power you need. Add some growl, a cool clean look and flow efficiency to your Tundra!

If you’re looking to upgrade your ride, a new exhaust is a great place to start, and Magnaflow is the best in the business. Toyota made it awesome, Magnaflow makes it even better!

Note: requires spare tire removal.

Flowmaster 817692 — Outlaw Stainless Steel Aggressive Sound Cat-Back Exhaust System

Flowmaster 817692

This exhaust rips! If you want something that will bring out aggressive sound from your Tundra, look no further. This stainless steel demon of loudness will make it sound like a hot rod bat out hell. Yes, it has it all. If you’re looking for a little louder than stock, these are NOT for you. Save yourself some money cause the x pipe isn’t needed if you go with a dual inlet dual-outlet muffler. Great quality and awesome black tips make it good driving around the city and stuff. Super 10s are the loudest mufflers that FM makes.

Improve your fuel economy and increase acceleration through greater exhaust gas flow with FM Exhaust System.

Note: fits only 145″ Wheelbase Models; does not fit Regular Cab/Short Bed or Double Cab/Long Bed models; may drone from 60-75, or just generally around 2k RPM; may not be acceptable for someone who uses their truck for towing (high RPMs on grades) and road trips (droning sound); some parts are not legal for use in California and the states with similar laws/regulations; doesn’t work on 07-08 Tundras.

Borla 140332 — Cat-Back Exhaust System

Borla 140332

Always go for more when it comes to your 2014-2018 Toyota Tundra! That boring factory exhaust system should be the first thing you switch once you get your truck.

The all-stainless steel Borla high-flow muffler generates a “throaty growl” while maintaining maximum flow. Legal in all 50 states. Fits as described and is fast and easy to install. No highway drone, around town at certain RPMs there is a little drone but controllable by throttle adjustment. Not too loud, but roars when you get on it. If you want a subtle rumble when you put your foot into it and no drone at freeway speeds, then Borla is the way to go.

Given the quality of the materials, the system will stand the test of time. As with most premium products, you often pay a bit more for brand and reputation, but overall, you will be happy with this purchase.

These exhaust systems are made of aircraft-grade stainless steel both inside and out to resist corrosion and guarantee a long life of fantastic performance for your vehicle. Your Borla Exhaust System will also be custom-designed for your ride in particular, with a variety of set-ups available, so you can get your preferred configuration. Borla’s systems are designed to be completely bolt-on to your vehicle. Factory locations utilized, all necessary installation hardware is included in the kit.

Note: though it’s Borla’s loudest system, it still may be too quiet for some. No drone but no tone as well.

Tundra Exhaust 101

Which is better – Single or Dual Exhausts?

Every driver has his taste and vision of how everything should look like. The outer part is also of great importance. To do this, you can choose from different nozzles that can be installed on the muffler. There are many options, both in terms of diameter and shape. All the accessories are made of stainless steel sheets which makes a vehicle’s life and performance better.

But if you don’t care about that loudness, there are exhaust systems with modest descent sound or those that come with an additional silencer that is installed to mute the tone.

A fully operational vehicle with a tuned exhaust system adds more power and torque which, accordingly, leads to increased fuel consumption if you are aiming for single exhaust, of course.

Single exhaust:

  • Efficient
  • More affordable
  • Higher gas velocity
  • Lighter weight

You may want to go for a single exhaust in case you want a less expensive aftermarket system that will still give you additional performance benefits and increase the look of your vehicle.

Stock single exhausts will not produce powerful sound straight away. However, many improved aftermarket exhausts are capable of providing a deeper sound when driving in the street. There are plenty of powerful single exhausts out there that both sound and look great. More than that, some single exhausts may look like dual exhausts and still function as a single. Did you know that?

Compared to single exhausts, dual ones will have a louder, more aggressive sound respected by muscle cars’ fans. If you want to go all out, then a dual exhaust is just for you. These aggressive, powerful exhaust systems will give you the performance gains you want and that desirable sound note to go along with the added power.

Dual exhaust

  • Aggressive look and sound
  • More performance gains
  • Reduces back pressure
  • Increases exhaust flow

Although dual exhaust kits will come at a higher cost, the price is worth it. Even though the velocity of the exhaust gas flow may be slower, the overall flow will be higher.

H- or X-Pipe?

Depending on whether you choose H-pipe or X-pipe, it will be clear what type of sound will be produced. H-pipe produces a smooth classical old-school muscle sound and X-pipe – louder and raspy tone.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your single exhaust or dual exhaust system, be sure to choose wisely. Although exhaust sound has nothing to do with performance and is purely aesthetic, it can be a decisive factor in choosing dual or single exhaust.

Your Tundra can be stronger with replaced factory single exhaust system. That’s how you receive increased power, torque and… well, a small increase in the fuel consumption too (if dual), without losing properties of clearing of gases and suppression of a sound. The sound becomes clear and balanced.

Choose the exhausts you like, enjoy the power and the sound.


Good luck on the road!

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