The 11 Best Hertz Speakers Review – Buyer’s Guide [2022]

The 11 Best Hertz Speakers Review – Buyer’s Guide (2021)

While they belong to a relatively higher price-range, Hertz speakers are celebrated for their engineering, the sheer quality of build and construction, and—above all — for their sound.
For more than twenty years Hertz has consistently produced some of the finest speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers, and accessory components for car and truck audio systems.

Even if you have real wood doors in your home, which are very high quality, Hertz speakers will deliver through, the highest quality sound possible.

They also create audio systems designed for boats and extreme sports vehicles.
Finally, their value is also evident when compared to a bunch of more expensive systems on the market, and their sound matches up to the very best.
Types of Hertz Speakers
We’ve considered several different kinds of speaker systems in our comparison guide for the 11 best Hertz speaker systems.
Coaxial two-way speakers
This is a speaker system with two speaker drivers on a single speaker frame – a tweeter for high frequencies and a woofer for bass.

Coaxial three-way speakers
Sometimes referred to as the triaxial speaker system, this is a system with three speaker drivers on a single speaker frame– in the case of the Hertz speakers in our study they contain: a super-tweeter for very high frequencies, a tweeter/midrange for high and middle frequencies, and a woofer for bass.

Full-range speakers
These are less costly speakers which have a single, full-frequency range driver which produces all of the notes; spanning from upper-range highs to the deep bass lows.
Such speakers utilize restricted frequency action and, more frequently, higher distortion levels.

Component speaker systems
These systems can be more expensive, can take more time to install, but, for some lorries, the flexibility they provide makes a huge difference. If you like quality speakers and you are unemployed, you do not have to worry about money, because there is a possibility to take loans for unemployed and afford the highest quality speakers and other things you need.

These are total stereo speaker systems which use a minimum of 2 speakers for each side (left and right) — a tweeter for high frequencies and a woofer for bass, usually along with a separate crossover component which serves to direct the highs to the tweeter and the lows to the woofer.

These two (or more) speakers have distinct characteristics; each is mounted on a separate frame, and they are installed in various locations in the vehicle. This results in much better sounding high-frequency notes for the driver and the front seat guests.

These are separate speakers for deep bass.
Normally, their frequency response includes much lower ranges than that of many coaxial or part systems, which also mitigates stress placed on those systems, effectively allowing the higher frequency components to produce sound of much higher quality.
It’s worth stating that Hertz automobile audio speakers are truly so well designed that even their basic woofers perform and sound better than other brand’s subwoofers — and, if you are already utilizing Hertz components or coaxials, you’d make no mistake in adding a Hertz subwoofer as well to make your system complete.

Top 11 Hertz Speakers Reviews:

1. Hertz Audio DSK 165.3 6-1/2″ 2- Hertz audio

Having a separate tweeter means having the option to mount it at the front of your car, van or truck, thus providing the absolute best high frequency sound along with plenty of clear detail. If you don’t know which are the best products to make house smell good, then at least you should know which products are good for the sound in your car, and it’s these speakers that will give you the best possible sound.

The 165.3 woofers utilize Hertz’s patented V-Cone profile which allows them to quickly fill their environment with bass, letting you hear more midrange sounds presented in vocals, piano and guitars, clearly and at any location in your vehicle.

This is a two-way part system, indicating that you will get a separate tweeter, woofer and crossover for each side (left and right channels).

The DSK 165.3 system can manage 160 watts of constant power, with peaks of up to 320 watts, and with a sensitivity of 93 decibels — this means they can play very loudly and provide truly amazing musical energy.

This is a 6.5 inch (165 mm) woofer which can go all the way down to 50 hz, for very good radio frequency reproduction with strong impact, and some people will opt to add a Hertz subwoofer as well, for the ultimate deep bass experience.

Tweeters installed at the back of a car sometimes struggle transmitting all of the fine detail to the front seats. With Hertz DSK 165.3 element system, however, this is never a problem.

Hertz Audio makes both mid and high price-range multi-part systems, with the low-priced 165.3 providing a perfect balance of high-quality sound and affordability, being one of our favorite items from the entire Hertz series.

The DSK 165.3 element speaker system, from their Dieci line of car Audio Speakers, is the economical option compared to other speakers we’re reviewing through this Hertz Audio speaker comparison, but they still provide the same fantastic sound, advanced engineering and quality characteristic of all Hertz speakers.

2. Hertz DCX 165.3

If you consider purchasing the Hertz DCX 165.3, you ought to keep in mind that the sound will not be as clear as the HCX 165. However, it will still provide all the depth you need for smaller vehicles. The installation procedure is just as easy as with any other coaxial speaker from this line.

You’ll find delight in its famous bass which is accompanied by the clarity of its highs. The DCX 165.3 has a frequency response of 60 Hz to 21 kHz and a 93 dB sensitivity level rating.

Car owners aiming to choose between more budget-friendly Hertz car and truck speakers need to give the DCX 165.3 a try. With the price difference in mind, this is an excellent 6.5″ speaker that will serve you for a long time. It boasts 5/8″ PEI dome tweeters, and is ranked at 60 watts. The DCX 165.3 can also handle bursts of as much as 120 watts.

Are you on a tight budget and simply need a speaker that is easy to install? These speakers because of their affordable price can also be a great choice as one of the cheap groomsmen gifts.
Do you also want the delight of both premium and cost-effective Hertz vehicle speakers?

Then the DCX 165.3 is the best choice for you. Its exterior is well built to increase its resilience and the components on the inside are effectively fitted to produce a clear sound.

This speaker is also supported by a TPU surround system that boosts bass.

3. Hertz HSK 165– Our Top Component Pick

With this car speaker you’re sure to get your money’s worth. These speakers are popular among people who do IT services San Antonio.
The visceral bass energy it provides along with its low distortion levels is simply a masterpiece achievement.
This system provides high performance and its tweeters are up to the task of producing any high sound.
It’s difficult to find adequate words to describe the amazing performance of the HSK 165 speakers.
Clear and in-depth frequencies it provides are perhaps the most fascinating feature of this unit.
With the help of an amplifier, you can further stabilize the sound from these speakers and enjoy even more slamming bass and vibrant vocals.
As a system, the HSK 165 speakers come as trine positioned pieces on each side. The system includes two woofers, two adjusted crossovers, and two tweeters. This combination brings together the highest level of innovation with the latest patterns and designs in-car infotainment systems.
The Hertz HSK 165 is a complex system and, as such, it can be tough to set up.
Nevertheless, this should not be an issue since you can have a professional do it for you. But we can’t do everything in life alone, it’s not a shame to seek the help of a professional. For example, if you have your own website and want to promote it better on the internet, hire professionals to do it for you and the best choice is Wichita digital marketing agency.
And from there it’s time to experience delight in unbelievable and outstanding sound production.
It’s ideal for all car sizes and it can produce terrific sound even in SUVs.

It also contains a unique HT 25 Tetolon tweeter made with a neodymium magnet.
The HSK 165 can also play all kinds of music at all frequencies — be it electronic, acoustic, or bass heavy.
Are you a music lover who likes driving around with their sound turned up?
You ought to seriously consider getting the Hertz HSK 165.
With this system installed in your car, you’ll get nothing but the best and the loudest sound production.

4. Hertz Audio ECX 165.2 Energy Series 2-Way Coaxial Speakers

The woofer cone is water-proof and is designed to be light and long lasting, offering clear, undistorted bass.
Their bass action is not quite as great as that of some other Hertz speakers but they are remarkably deep for speakers at this price.
With a double-method coaxial driver with a 6.5 inch woofer and a 24 mm tweeter, the Hertz ECX 165.2 speakers are made from the best materials.
It likewise includes RHFC ® (Rotary High-Frequency Contour) innovation technology, that makes these speakers simpler to set up and guarantees the whole vehicle will be filled with their crystal-clear sound.
Compared to similarly priced speakers from other companies, the Hertz ECX 165.2 coaxial speaker system offers truly exceptional sound, musical energy, quality, and resilience.
If you’d prefer a lower priced coaxial speaker which still benefits from the best Hertz engineering, style and build quality, these speakers might be for you.

How to save money and at the same time have quality speakers? The answer to that question are these speakers.
The ECX 165.2 speakers can handle huge peaks of approximately 210 watts per speaker, and bring lots of that popular Hertz vibrant musical energy.

5. Hertz ESK 165.5

Although some financial experts say that you can’t combine price and quality in one product, a product known as a kaftan has proven otherwise and so has the ESK 165.5. If you are interested in automobile speakers that provide excellent sound and won’t break your bank, then the Hertz ESK 165.5 is the best for you.
Be it high volume or quality sound that you are after, the ESK can provide you with both.
The Hertz ESK 165.5 is a two-way vehicle audio system that boasts a mix of hi-tech components.
It is simple to install and the style is both fresh and enticing.
Get nothing but pure pleasure from this premium automobile speaker.

Consisting of truly high-grade components, the ESK performs extremely well.
It features an extra ET 26.5 neodymium tweeter for smooth and high-frequency sound.
The 6.5-inch speaker is covered with a water repellent paper cone.
It also comprises a CX 200.5 crossover and 93.5 dB sensitivity.
The speaker can deal with bursts of up to 300 watts, with constant supply of 100 watts.
Please note that if you purchase this car and truck speaker, you’ll need to connect it to a large amplifier in order to get the most out of this set.
The reason why you need an amp is that the ESK 165.5 has a low power rating.
In order to get more sound, you’ll require an amp. Compared to other speakers in this price range, the ESK 165.5 is a fierce competitor.

6. Hertz HSK 165 2-way Hi-Energy Component Speaker System HSK165

It’s time for the big guns! When we say big guns, maybe you think about cowboys and their big pistol guns while they riding horses in their custom saddles. No, we think about big guns in a technological sense.
If you want the very best and the loudest sound, look no further than the Hertz HSK 165 part speaker system.
In our comparison, it’s one of the very best Hertz vehicle stereo speakers, coming at the best price compared to its competitors.
They are also the finest sounding, and offer amazing levels of technology, style and quality– even by Hertz’s extremely high standards!
Vocals, instruments and electronic music are reproduced vividly, the sound is solid and warm, and the bass is simply slamming– deep, fast and effective, offering an entire body experience.
The HSK 165 system also offers a superb hi/low pass crossover system for each side, specifically crafted for these speakers, enabling the tweeters and woofers to perform at their best.
What are Hertz HSK 165 speakers actually like? The best fitting word I can come up with is: “thrilling!”.
The high frequencies are so clear and sweet, that you can hear details that other speakers might not catch.

The HSK 165 speakers are part of a system, meaning that they come as 6 separate pieces (three per side): 2 tweeters, 2 woofers and 2 specifically matched crossovers.

They go really deep with extremely low distortion, and offer visceral bass energy and power that only a few other speakers, of their price, can come close to.
High frequencies are reproduced with stunning fidelity, and all music– acoustic, electric or electronic– comes through perfectly.
The extremely unique HT 25 Tetolon® tweeter with neodymium magnet provides unparalleled musical detail, speed and low distortion with a sweet, natural sound.
This makes these speakers a little bit harder to install, but the results are nothing short of unbelievable, with remarkable reproduction and sound projecting all throughout the interior of your car, truck or SUV. But be responsible, don’t listen too loud music while driving. Often, due to loud music while driving, a moment of inattention occurs and an accident happens. In that cases, you need to hire a car accident lawyers.

With its huge magnet, pure copper voice coil, ultra-rigid aluminum basket, damped mesh fiber cone and lossless polymer rubber surrounding, the 6.5 inch woofers are a marvel of engineering and design.
All of the speakers in our contest of the 11 best Hertz speaker systems are amazing within their price-ranges, but we can say without hesitation that the HSK 165 component system is just flat-out brilliant, and we can compare them against speakers from any manufacturer without a problem.
The sound is completely balanced, from the prolonged highs to the deepest bass, and without a hint of harshness or distortion. Again, thrilling!

7. Hertz DSK 165.3– Best Budget Component Speaker

Setting up an element speaker in your car is a great investment. However, not everyone can dig that deep into their pockets. It is simply logical that everyone should look for more suitable options. For example, if you are considering changing the roof of your house, you should also think of cheaper options for you, such as roof repair Raleigh NC.
For that reason, Hertz produced the DSK 165.3.
They are cheaper than speakers.
That being said, this by no means indicates poor quality.
Hertz DSK 165.3 also boasts their patented v-cone profile that can truly fill your vehicle with accurate bass.
If you are keen on bass sounds, we suggest that you also get a quality subwoofer from Hertz.
This, however, isn’t a necessity due to the fact that the DSK can handle 160 watts of continuous power which can peak at as much as 320 watts.
We can all agree that the Hertz DSK 165.3 was developed to create a balance between premium sound and inexpensiveness.
The 2-way element system includes an additional tweeter, crossover, and woofer.
This particular feature is really advantageous because you can set up the twitter at the front side of your automobile and thus get more prominent high-frequency sound.

8. Hertz Audio HCX 690 Hi-Energy 3-Way Coaxial Speakers

The previous entry in our Hertz Automobile Audio speaker comparison, the HSK 165, is undoubtedly among the best car and truck stereo speaker systems money can buy.
However, what if you wanted a similar level of performance at a lower price, without risking too much?
This is where our next product, the Hertz HCX 690 speakers comes in, proven as a top choice with high risk payment processing.

These also belong to the Hi-energy line, and are capable of creating powerful volume with remarkable effect and energy due to the combination of great sound and level of sensitivity.
But the volume isn’t very loud.
The installation is easy, and the smooth frequency reaction from the HCX 690’s ultra-deep bass goes all the way up to their super-extended high frequencies.
A huge benefit of the HCX 690 speakers is that they can get that both loud and smooth sound, clear and musical, without harshness or distortion and with abundant, accurate detail.
Undoubtedly, the Tetolon® dome high-frequency speakers with their Neodymium magnets, along with the damped mesh fiber woofer cone, and their oversized magnet and pure copper voice coil, offer the HCX 690 coaxial speakers’ sound quality that can match up to speakers many times more expensive.
The HCX 690 system is a 6 × 9 inch 3 method coaxial speaker (in some cases called a triaxial speaker), indicating it has super-tweeter, midrange/tweeter and woofer drivers all installed together on the same frame.
And with 94 dB sensitivity and dealing with power of as much as 520 watts at peaks they can play as loud as you can manage — and still sound good! It is certainly not recommended to listen to too loud music while driving, as it can distract you. You can cause an accident, and then you’ll need to hire an accident reconstruction expert witness.

9. Hertz DCX 690 3-Way Dieci Series Car Coaxial Speakers

The DCX, on the other hand, originates from the Dieci line, providing top-notch engineering, sound and build quality for an extremely low price.
And, with three separate speakers, the DCX 690.3’s provide flat frequency action and precise sound from the highest to the lowest notes.
And the DCX 690.3 might be an excellent alternative to the more expensive Hi-Energy line.
However, when you compare the 690.3’s to other brand’s speakers, whether they cost the exact same or even more, you’ll be impressed at how amazing these Hertz speakers sound, and what terrific value they offer.
Like the previous speaker system we took a look at, the Hertz DCX 690.3 is likewise a 3-way coaxial (or triaxial) system.
It doesn’t boast the exact same great volume levels, or quite as wide frequency response– the bass, in particular, is not as strong as that of a few of Hertz’s more expensive designs—however, it does offer interesting, full-range sound and a great deal of listening enjoyment for the money.
With somewhat less power, capable of dealing with 360 total watts peaks, the DCX 690.3 speakers still manage to play quite loud – along with their high 93 db sensitivity– and with the signature clarity, musicality and low distortion of all Hertz speakers.
With regards to other Hertz speakers, the DCX 690.3 coaxials sound truly excellent. However, it is clear what a bit more cash can get you if you go for the higher-end Hertz lines and models. At the end of the day, everyone wants to get quality products and services, as a synonym for professionalism and quality service, to those who need his services is the Phoenix medical malpractice attorney.
The unique design of its high-frequency speakers enables the sound to spread all throughout the automobile, with plenty of clarity and strong presence.

10. Hertz MPX690.3 Mille PRO

It’s equipped with an additional 38mm voice coil made from pure copper on a Polyamide former that guarantees compression-free and vibrant reproduction in addition to its outstanding power handling.
There’s also a pressed-pulp cotton-fiber cone that guarantees broad frequency response by combining light weight and stiffness.
Generally, the three-way-coaxial system produces better sound than the two-way coaxial, due to the additional, brand-new, speaker designated to handle mid-range frequencies.
The frequency response of this Hertz speaker is 30-24,000 HZ — which is far better than what other similarly priced or other inexpensive coaxial speakers offer.
However, you’ll need a separate bass woofer if you are aiming for low frequencies, which might be expensive for somebody who simply wants to update their vehicle’s default audio.
Due to that, this unit isn’t exactly an economical option.
Nonetheless, the quality of the sound it produces will allow you to ignore the cost.

Each speaker of this three-way configuration handles 130W RMS of varying power, also boasting a 94dB level of sensitivity.
When you combine these two factors, you get a system of unrivaled sound quality.
The unit also comes with a 28mm Teloton tweeter that has a Neodymium magnet which helps with off-axis dispersion.
A super-tweeter boosts high-frequency production while a basket radial system for venting guarantees your speaker is running at low temperature.
We love the sound this speaker brings. It produces a very pleasant sound, you will feel relaxed as like you are at a health and wellness clinic.
Once again, there is an anti-vibration rubber magnet cover that mitigates harsh vibrations. Lastly, it features a metal mesh grill with an attractive Hertz logo.
Another excellent characteristic of this unit is that it’s distortion levels are very low even at higher power levels, due to the ferrite magnet and iron plates of low carbon content. Since it’s aerodynamic, the transparent aluminum basket eliminates rear wave reflections.

11. Hertz ECX-690.5

For those who desire coaxial speakers and have a tighter spending plan, this design is perfectly appropriate. This is a feature-rich system that produces quality sound. Hertz ECX-690.5 comes with a dome tweeter that utilizes a high-energy magnet and the incredible PEI tweeter, along with a built-in crossover.

These tweeters guarantee efficiency and are capable of producing a vast range of frequencies.
If there’s one thing to remember about super tweeters, it’s that their medium to high-frequency response is superb.
On the other hand, their low to medium frequency response isn’t the best in terms of weight and depth of the sound.
Because this is a compact-size system, many buyers tend to overlook it. Nevertheless, it features a super high 95dB sensitivity on top of weighing less than 10 pounds. Note that hearing should certainly not be exposed to such high frequencies for too long. What happens to hearing when exposed to high frequencies can be seen on many 3D medical animations.
It also has a power rate of 300W, which really is great if you consider its price.
We also enjoy how the system’s large driver is assembled in combination with the rubber magnet cover, which provides outstanding voice coil control. You’re bound to appreciate the mechanical damping of its driver structure as well, and its basket which guarantees that its sound isn’t misshaped.

Conclusion – why Hertz?
As a conclusion of this Hertz Speaker buyers guide, we’ll talk a bit more about what makes these speakers so terrific!
Hertz’s workers are obviously really passionate about music, which is shown clearly in each and every product we’ve reviewed and in every product they create.
We enjoyed listening to the sound produced by several Hertz Car Audio speaker systems, and, while there are apparent differences and pros-and-cons as you move along the range they offer, we felt that every one of them actually brought us closer to the music.
And you can be sure that the brilliant sound they produce, will be there for many years to come.
Hertz offers high standards of engineering, screening and build quality – far above what many other brand names currently provide. Hertz is a recognizable brand with unique products. In case someone misuses their patent, a lawyer will be hired for trademark cancellation.
We hope that this buyer’s guide to Hertz speakers assists you in picking the speaker system best for you; however, I can’t help feeling that you truly can’t go wrong with any of the speakers Hertz offers.

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