Shocks For Ford F150 4X4 – Buyer’s Guide!

Shock absorbers are hydraulic oil pumps that absorb the shocks and vibration of the road surface while keeping the tires on the ground. A shock absorber is not a suspension system; it is a complementary performance part that assists the suspension system in both absorbing shocks while keeping the wheels on the ground. (The suspension system is used to support the weight of the vehicle while absorbing most of the shocks).

List of Top-Rated Shocks for Ford F150 4X4

1. Bilstein 33-256764 - B8 5100 Series Rear Driver or Passenger Side Monotube Smooth Body Shock AbsorberBilstein 33256764MonotubePerformanceView on Amazon
2. Gabriel G64079 Ultra Truck ShockGabriel G64079Twin TubeOEMView on Amazon
3. KYB 349108 Excel-G Gas ShockKYB 349108MonotubeOEMView on Amazon
4. King Shocks 25001-331 Coil-Over Remote Reservoir ShockKing Shocks 25001-331MonotubeCoil-OverView on Amazon
5. Eibach E60-35-035-02-01 Pro-Truck Sport ShockEibach E60-35-035-02-01MonotubeOff RoadView on Amazon

Shock absorbers are designed to absorb and reduce drive bounce, vehicle roll or sway, and brake dive and acceleration squat.

The Shocks for Ford F150 4X4 Reviews

1. Bilstein 33-256764 – B8 5100 Series Body Shock Absorber


The Bilstein® 33-256764 B8 5100 Series Rear Driver or Passenger Side Monotube Smooth Body Shock Absorber for 0″-1.0″ Lifted Vehicles.


This B8 5100 Series Rear Driver or Passenger Side Monotube Smooth Body Shock Absorber is designed for 0″-1.0″ Lifted Vehicles and comes with an easy direct fit solution for lifted trucks.

This is a monotube design with a compressed length of 17.52”, an extended length of 28.74” and a stroke of 11.22”. the housing is 1.81” wide and is finished with a zinc plating for corrosion resistance.

This model uses the Bilstein Gas Pressure Technology that prevents foaming and maintains high performance during all upgraded driving conditions.


  • Design for a wide array of specific vehicles and lift combinations
  • Monotube gas pressure technology
  • direct bolt-on; easy to install with no modification required
  • Multi-layer zinc finish


This is a classic upgrade kit, with good performance features. It is reasonably priced and well within the budget-friendly price range for basic upgrade requirements.

2. Gabriel G64079 Ultra Truck Shock


This is the Gabriel® G64079 Ultra™ Premium Rear Driver or Passenger Side Twin-Tube Shock Absorber


The Gabriel® Ultra™ uses their proprietary G-Force™ technology that delivers extremely fast responses in reactionary times. This unit comes with the Ultra’s StableSteer™ valving and the G-Force piston’s sintered iron construction; this combination delivers a perfect OEM replacement performance for any application.

The shocks compressed length is 17.32,” and the extended length is 29.37”, the stroke length is 12.05”.


  • Nine stage variable damping for all road conditions on demand control
  • G-Force technology for quicker response
  • StableSteer valving provides improved tire contact
  • 1 3/8” bore piston with bonded iron construction
  • Leak-proof rod guide and piston seal eliminates oil bypass
  • Orifice control disk with variable nine-stage valving
  • OE-design single-lip oil seal
  • Super-finished chromed piston rod
  • Larger, bulged tube


This is a classic OEM replacement model and delivers great stock performance at a very comfortable price. In fact, this is one of the leading stock replacement brands with the best pricing policy on the market.

3. KYB 349108 Excel-G Gas Shock


This is the KYB® 349108 Excel-G™ Rear Driver or Passenger Side Twin-Tube Shock Absorber kit


The KYB Excel-G is an exceptional stock performing OEM replacement kit that delivers a nitrogen gas-charged, twin-tube design for optimized stock performance.

KYB is the world’s largest supplier of shocks and struts to new vehicle manufacturers. As such, their assembly lines are capable of delivering the best stock replacement parts in the market.

The Excel-G is no exception, and this twin-tube gas hydraulic shock comes with an inner working cylinder and an outer fluid reservoir. The hydraulic fluid is forced in and out of both by the shaft and piston, thereby damping the body movement.

The compressed length is 16.73”, the extended length is 28.66,” and the stroke length is 11.93”, the extended length comes with a bumper stop.


  • OEM replacement shock
  • Calibrated for stock handling and control characteristics
  • Seamless working cylinder with a Teflon coated piston band
  • Triple chrome plated piston rod and multi-lip oil seals
  • Solid, seamless mounting eye rings and bolt bushings


This is perhaps the closest you will get to an original stock part, and at the extremely affordable and budget-friendly price of KYB. In other words, if you want an exact copy of the original parts performance, this is the one to get.

4. King Shocks 25001-331 Coil-Over Remote Reservoir Shock


King Shocks® 25001-331 OEM Performance Series Front Coilover unit.


You are now entering the twilight zone of shocks. This is the ultimate replacement performance upgrade shock with coil-over springs, and this is priced so high, you will need to think whether you are into upgrading or into stock. Upgraded performance costs and this is the ultimate in your F150 upgrade.

With an exceptional performance that is unrivaled, you will not only be envied, but you will never be satisfied with any other sock system again.

This is a bolt on, Hard Anodized 6063 Aluminum Alloy Reservoir model is lightweight, and comes with internally threaded top cap design delivering maximum piston travel inside the shock body.

The fittings are mated to abrasion resistant Aeroquip high-pressure hoses, and the 2.5″ Shock cylinders are precision bored to within +/- .001. The surface is cadmium plated and honed to remove buildup, providing you with a tight piston seal for optimized valving function.

These coil over shocks come with their own truncated thread design, and the heat treated 6061 aluminum alloy piston with accurate port configurations contributes to a unique damping performance.

The shaft is a large 3/4″ or 7/8″ diameter that has a minimum tensile strength of 100,000 pounds per square inch. These shafts are then hard chromed and micro-polished to a 6 RA finish. There are Rulon composite wear bands, which deliver improved load bearing low deformation d and high compressive strength.

The rod end comes with a steel Teflon lined spherical bearing, and all of this technology is mounted in a billet machined aircraft grade aluminum alloy housing.


  • External Reservoir Monotube
  • 2.5” outer diameter
  • Coilover design for added suspension performance
  • Threaded spacer for height adjustment


Yes, it’s the king of the road, and it comes with a royal price tag. If you’re on a strict budget, just drool. If you can afford it or will afford it, you will never go back.

5. Eibach E60-35-035-02-01 Pro-Truck Sport Shock


This is the Eibach® 35-035-02-01 Pro-Truck Sports Rear Driver or Passenger Side Shock Absorber for 0″-1.0″ Lifted Vehicles and for 2015-2018 F150 4X4 models.


Its back to earth with this great performance kit, that comes at a very reasonable and budget-friendly price.
The Eibach performance shock is a monotube nitro-coated rod with zinc coating and exceptional engineering as expected from an Eibach product.

This model is designed to provide an adjustable front height up to 1”., and when fully installed deliver rugged and stiff performance for an off-road application upgrade.


  • Off-Road application
  • Monotube design
  • Nitro-Coated rods and with zinc coating


Exceptional off-road quality performance for stock type replacement shocks at a very comfortable price.

F-150 4X4 Shock Absorbers FAQ

Shock absorbers are designed to force the wheelbase quickly back down onto the ground for constant surface contact. A wheel in the air is a wheel the driver has no control over; this means a free-flying wheel cannot stop, accelerate or navigate unless it is in full contact with the ground.


There are several shock absorber categories on the market, these include:
1. Mono-Tube;
2. Twin Tube Designs:

  • Gas Charged
  • PSD (position sensitive damping)
  • ASD (Acceleration Sensitive Damping)

Mono-tube design (Standard Types)

A monotube shock absorber has only one pressure tube as the name describes. The pressure tube contains two pistons, these are the dividing and working piston. This model can be installed either way and will work perfectly. The m=difference between a monotube and twin tube is that a monotube can add support to the weight of the vehicle, as such it more than complements the suspension. The other difference is that mono-tube shock absorbers don’t have a base valve. The piston controls the compression and extension. It’s a see-saw model, where the dividing piston moves up and down as the piston rod moves in and out of the shock absorber.


1. Oil releases heat with less effort as the temperature rises.
2. No restrictions on installation angles.
3. Less prone to cavitation
4. Larger oil capacity and greater heat dissipation provides a continuous stable damping force
5. No foaming, air, and oil don’t mix; they are completely separated.
6. The piston valve is bigger and wider in a mono-tube design these give you a wider area of pressure.

Twin Tubes

The twin-tube shock absorber has 2 cylinders. One cylinder is set inside the shell and the second contains the piston valve. The piston valve moves up and down in the second (inner) cylinder. These types have no barrier between the oil chamber and the gas chamber.


1. External damage to the shell case does not affect the performance;
2. The twin-tube design keeps the cost of production low;
3. Gas pressure is kept low due to the base valve, which provides a more comfortable ride;
4. Low gas pressure reduces stress on seals;
5. Friction is at a minimum;
6. Sufficient stroke is attained with far less effort.

Twin Tube – Gas Charged Design

The gas charged twin tube design uses nitrogen (generally) to reduce aeration of the hydraulic fluid. This prevents the oil and air from foaming when mixed. When aeration is reduced, the shock system works faster and reacts predictably for quicker responses. This assures the wheels are on the ground all the time.

Twin Tube – PSD Design

Position Sensitive Damping (PSD) is a fluid velocity control technology that considers the position of the valve within the pressure tube. This is reached through precision tapered grooves in the pressure tube that leads to two zones, the comfort zone for normal driving and the control zone for extreme condition requirements.

Twin Tube -ASD Design (Reflex)

Acceleration Sensitive Damping (ASD) goes one step farther than traditional velocity sensitive damping. In this technology, you get to focus on impact by utilizing a new compression valve design. This is a mechanical closed loop system that opens a fluid flow bypass around the compression valve.

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