Mud Flaps for F150 – Buyer’s Guide!

Driving in wet weather, over grit roads, on muddy surfaces, the snow, and ice. All these are daily driving conditions of F150 truck drivers. Two issues arise when driving over such surfaces and in such conditions:

  • Rear Corrosion
  • Rear Vehicle Obstruction

List of Top-Rated Mud Flaps for F150 Comparison Table:

1. WeatherTech 120044 Mud FlapWeatherTech 1200442.7 pounds19.2” x 19.2” x 3.3”View on Amazon
2. Husky Liners 17097 Black Kick Back Mud FlapHusky Liners 170977.90lbs12” WideView on Amazon
3. WeatherTech 110003-120003 Mud FlapWeatherTech 110003-1200034.85 pounds19” x 12.8” x 7”View on Amazon
4. HUSKY LINERS 56591 Custom Molded Mud GuardsHusky Liners 565912 pounds3.25” x 11.25” x 19”View on Amazon
5. Access Covers A1010012 ROCKSTAR Mud FlapAccess Covers A101001245 pounds79” x 11” x 7”View on Amazon

The Mud Flaps for F150 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide:

1. WeatherTech 120044 Mud Flap


This is the WeatherTech® 120044 DigitalFit™ Black Mud Flaps


WeatherTech is the creator of FloorLiner™. As such, they have the experience and knowledge of materials and engineering science to create exceptional mudflap solutions. Their solution comes in the form of the hardened Stainless-Steel fastening system Patent Pending QuickTurn™.

What the DigitalFit™ provides is a contoured frame for every vehicle model, and a proprietary thermoplastic resin molded for optimized performance and durability.

This model is laser-measured for a precise custom fit, and the system is designed for no drilling installation. The QuickTurn™ fasteners are your initial fastening device and provide you with an easy to install advantage over standard mud flap models.

The material is a rigid-rubber, which means it is not solid plastic, but looks like one when standing.


  • Perfect DigitalFit® to your vehicle.
  • Mount using factory screws and QuickTurn™ fasteners
  • Mounts in minutes
  • ISO certified to ensure exceptional quality


It doesn’t get simpler than this, and with all the scientific jargon, what you get is a mud flap that works, which is all you need. This one works with a great budget-friendly price tag, so you don’t need to take a mortgage out for this very basic vehicle component.

2. Husky Liners 17097 Black Kick Back Mud Flap


This is the Husky Liners® 17097 Kickback™ Mud Flaps with Stainless Steel Top and Weight


Husky Liners provides you with a specially weighted pair of mud flaps for that extra performance for off-road applications, as well as very muddy and wet on-road applications. These flaps come with an 18-gauge steel bracket and a weighted 14-gauge steel anchor. This design maintains the flap in place at all times, delivering a much cleaner and longer lasting performance.

This model is used for upgraded trucks with higher clearance, and extremely wide 12” coverage, and uses a proprietary AntiSpray material that lets the wettest debris just drop off the flap leaving it cleaner than most other mud flap models.


  • Provide enhanced clearance and protection for your lifted truck
  • 18-gauge steel offset mounting bracket
  • Designed to avoid flapping
  • 14-gauge laser-cut mirrored stainless-steel anchor
  • Made from technically advanced AntiSpray material
  • Guaranteed to provide trouble-free installation


You are paying for the extra performance and weighted anchor, these flaps combine some rugged features, and if you are into extremely muddy or dirty conditions, these are the flaps you would want on your truck.

3. WeatherTech 110003-120003 Mud Flap


This is theWeatherTech® 110003-120003 DigitalFit™ Black Mud Flap Kit


This is the WeatherTech hard body mud flap that uses their Patent Pending QuickTurn™ hardened Stainless Steel fastening system for quick installation. The hard surface flap is manufactured using their DigitalFit™ contour method, that is engineered to specifically the vehicle model and is molded from a proprietary thermoplastic resin that is proven to protect your vehicle, and the rear from mud spatter and corrosion.

The material is a rigid-rubber, which means it is not solid plastic, but looks like one when standing.

The QuickTurn™ fasteners are your initial fastening device and provide you with an easy to install advantage over standard mud flap models.


  • Laser-measured to precise custom fit
  • DigitalFit® Contoured for every make and model
  • Mount using factory screws and QuickTurn™ fasteners
  • No drilling
  • Mounts in minutes
  • ISO certified to ensure exceptional quality


This is the upgraded version of their 120044 model and is priced slightly higher.

4. HUSKY LINERS 56591 Custom Molded Mud Guards


This is the Husky Liners® 56591 Custom Molded Black Mud Guards


This pair of Husky Liners model 56591 is designed to provide excellent performance but at a budget-friendly price. This model doesn’t include the steel anchors but is made from the same impact resistant thermoplastic that is molded to cover the entire width of your truck’s tires.


  • Perfect to guard your vehicle and those around you
  • Designed to conform to your fenders
  • Custom tailor fit
  • Black textured finish
  • Made from all-weather, impact resistant
  • The exclusive Husky shield film
  • Easy-to-install


This is a nice basic set, and well worth the small price you pay, and I mean small price, these are budget-friendly performance mud flaps.

5. Access Covers A1010012 ROCKSTAR Mud Flap


This is the Access® Rockstar™ A1010012 Standard Bright Diamond Plate Hitch Mounted Mud Flaps


There are mud flaps, and there are Access Covers mud flaps. These are comprehensive kits for the ultimate performance seeker. They are priced accordingly, but come with a complete rig and fixture and deliver exceptional upgrade performance beyond all competitors.

These are 17.5″ L x 24″ W hitch mounted flaps that are made from ½” thick rubber and come with an integrated stabilizer plate. The flaps are contoured and set in an aluminum frame that is corrosion resistant and rugged to withstand all conditions. The flaps are made of a heat-resistant rubber that can withstand temperatures of up to 205oF.


  • Designed for excellent tire coverage and towing protection
  • Made using heat-resistant all-weather rubber
  • The rustproof aluminum frame structure for exceptional durability
  • Large built-in stabilizer plate to prevent rocking
  • Easy to install and remove


Yes, it’s a complete system, not just bolt on flaps, and you should consider this option for towing applications.

Mud Flaps FAQ

Mud flaps or mudguards are very basic components designed to stop the mud and grit from flying from your wheels onto the back frame of your truck or to fly into the windshields of vehicles driving behind you.

Essentially, a mud flap might seem to be a secondary part that is optional in most considerations, but in reality, it is mandatory.

Consider the effect all the wet slime and dirt that hits your undercarriage, it slowly (or quickly) east up your steel frame. In winter conditions, when salt is spread over roads, this exacerbates the corrosion process, and you will get truck beds eaten through within a couple of years. So, a mud flap will protect your vehicle’s integrity.

Why Buy Mudguards?

When driving off the road, a mudguard will not only protect your vehicle from accumulating mud, which is a big issue to clean off afterward but when driving with other vehicles will protect them from your back fling.

The same goes for road driving, where a good mud flap will protect other vehicles and pedestrians from possible flying stones and large swatches of mud.

There are three types of the mudguard, the mudguard you should use is application based.

The first type is the hard-plastic model; this is great for cars and smaller applications. Some F150’s have hard mud flaps too.

The second type is the rubber model, which is found in truck applications, including the F150, and these are considered to be the more effective mud flap for larger heavy-duty applications.

The third type is the rear-fender rig, which comes with a fixture or frame that attaches to the rear fender. These come with rubber flaps and a reused for towing as well as off-road applications where there is a lot of flies back, or where you want to protect the tow from damage.

Mud Flaps are easy to clean, so once installed, you just need to rinse with water. For hard or caked mud, applying water pressure hosing is the best option.

How to attach mud no-drill mud flaps

  1. Clean the wheel well and area. In most cases, this means using a pressure hose to clean all the mud and debris from the wheel well land wheel.
  2. Make sure your mud flaps are marked for left and right applications. Also, prepare the screwdriver and socket wrench for installation.
  3. Your truck will have mounting holes in the frame, remove the screws or bolts.
  4. Position your mud flap and place the first screw into its location, but don’t tighten it yet.
  5. Take the additional hardware and connect the mud flap to the remaining holes.
  6. If you have additional holes in your mud flap, and no more in the wheel well, consider the integrity of the flaps and decide if you want to drill a hole or not.
  7. When tightening, adjust the angle of the mud flap.
  8. Tighten the screws.
  9. All done.

Attaching a rear fender model requires drilling and also requires matching the unit to the exhaust system as well as the back car plate.

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