Michelin Defender VS Premier 2022

Don’t know what to pick between the Michelin Defender and Premier A/S?

Michelin Defender VS Premier

First of all, it’s essential to be aware that each of them are high-quality all-season tires; they are quiet and constitute the genuine hallmark of quality that Michelin stands for.

But, each tire serves a completely different purpose and we intend to find out what the best tire is.

The Michelin Premier A/S, with its high-speed ranking and softer tread compound, will have a more immediate reaction during lane changes and sharp steering inputs.

The Michelin Premier A/S

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Also it’s going to maintain traction longer through hard cornering on dry pavement.

In exchange for its high rates of cornering performance, the Premier A/S has a lower tread life warranty compared to the longer lasting Michelin Defender. Both tires will give you a secure and responsive riding experience.

All tires are made for long-lasting performance.

Both of these have specific properties that you can learn more about below.

Dry Traction

The Defender LTX M/S uses a strong tread compound, symmetric tread pattern and 3-D sipes to deliver excellent dry pavement traction.

Braking and acceleration are above average on this tire.

Defender LTX M/S

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The Premier LTX is just as impressive on dry road surfaces. A silica and sunflower oil tread compound, symmetric tread pattern and continuous centre rib give it impressive traction.

You can say the Premier LTX wins this category, however the difference is minimal.

Although these tires are not off-road tires by any means, the Defender LTX does take on grass, dirt, light mud and gravel very well.

Wet Traction

Both tires provide a very good traction, braking and safety on wet pavement. The Defender LTX uses its sipes and four circumferential grooves to give you strong braking functionality while reducing the risk of hydroplaning.

EverGrip technology on the Premier LTX extends the rain grooves around the tire while adding emerging grooves onto the shoulders when the tire starts wearing down. This assists in maintaining wet traction at a top-level, even if worn out.

The Premier LTX is the winner here.

Winter Traction

Grip in winter conditions is one place where you discover a difference between these two tires.

Even though the Premier LTX will maintain its traction in mild snow, traction in deeper snow (9 inches plus) and ice is not as great as on the Defender LTX M/S.

The level of performance on ice and snow on the Defender LTX is far above average for an all-season tire.


Both of these tires provide excellent handling and stability, even when pulling heavy trailers or hauling a heavy load.

Braking and acceleration are great, making these tires among the better tires in this class.

A slight edge can be given to the Premier LTX when it comes to steering response and feel.

The solid center rib helps there.

Smooth Riding Experience

The Michelin Premier A/S using its higher speed and thicker tread compound has a quicker response.

Still, the Michelin Defender wins in this race.

Its internal structure has polyamide cord wrapped steel belts that work for the uniform ride and smooth handling of the tires.

The Michelin Defender is designed to work more practically to get its driver from point A to point B, thousands of times over.

In dry road handling abilities, it makes the ride comfortable and long-lasting with extended tread life.

With its 90,000-mile tread life warranty, this tire is one of the longest-lasting tires in the market.

The Michelin Defender tires are suitable for non-aggressive drivers.

It’s essential to know that the speed rating of the Michelin Defender (T for 118mph) doesn’t allow it to be used on all types of vehicles.

Braking and acceleration are also above average on this tire for the ultimate riding experience.


Treadwear is where you’ll find the largest gap between these tires. Michelin’s MaxTouch structure from the Defender LTX is the one that creates the gap.

Long-term durability is noticeably higher compared to the Premier LTX.

In our opinion, you might get an additional 10-20K extra miles out of the Defender LTX MS.


The Premier LTX comes with a 60K mile tread guarantee, while the Defender LTX M/S has up to 70K mile tread warranty based upon the tire’s speed rating. Both tires come with the best warranties from the truck/SUV all-season tires.

Overall Winner

We believe tread life is an important element in your choice.

The Defender LTX tires are a fantastic choice when it comes to durability.

Additionally, it has a very good winter performance and does well in mild off-road conditions.

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If ride comfort and wet grip are areas that matter the most to you, the Premier LTX may be your best option.

Also, it retains an advantage in having a lower rolling resistance, meaning it should give you a bit more fuel economy over the Defender.

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Either tire makes an excellent choice and will definitely enhance the comfort and performance on your truck, SUV or crossover.

Both of these win the title of best tires, and share the first place.

Their properties are different and it’s between you to decide what kind of tires you need the most.

Choose whichever fits you best.

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