Product Review Editorial Guidelines & Mission

Our Mission

It’s simple as it can be – we consider our duty to help drivers and car enthusiasts all over the world form their opinions on various automotive products and make the most beneficial choices.

What We Do

We at MechanicFaq are continuously involved in online and offline research to find the best offers for our readers and not miss out on a single thing. We are proud to be who we are because our readers respond with the most grateful feedback. Every day we monitor the market and its various niches to find the best solutions and most valuable information to recommend a wide range of high-quality products as well as offer trustworthy testing results and provide a comprehensive list of recommendations in each related segment.

Our published articles are never forsaken and often subject to recall/revise. Therefore, our professional team of editors keeps an eye out for published content so that it’s always fresh and relevant. Our eyes are on the ball when it comes to the latest automotive news and products, from tuners to tonneau covers and beyond. We assure you that we are not loyal to any specific brand/retailer and focus on high-quality, affordable, and premium type products in various automotive categories. Our choices are based on rigorous testings, expert reviews, reliable insider information, and user feedback for your impeccable experience.

Why You Should Trust Us

Our product reviews are exclusively editorial. We never use any ready samples for reviews or let any third parties (retailers, firms, salesmen, etc.) tell us what to write about. MechanicFaq’s content is verified by our team of experts and testers only. We make everything possible that you make a smart choice and never regret your decision.

How We Test Our Products

When it comes to testing stuff, we have our own strategy, which does not imply taking anything for granted. We believe that every product has to be rigorously tested by our expert team before it makes its way to our top list. All the pros and cons have to be identified so you can see the whole picture and have the fullest information. Thus, before we recommend anything, we buy a product and send it straight to our certified technicians so they can put them to the test. Or ask our insiders to confirm certain information from reliable sources. Sometimes it may take hours, sometimes months, but we never leave anything unattended no matter the manufacturer.

We have over 50 reviewers who “burn the midnight oil,” spending hours to compare various products, inspecting and evaluating everything from cold air intake systems to tiniest screws and clamps to find out if they are worth your money. Most often our testers receive a few ( 4-5) different products of one type but from different manufacturers, so they can provide real end-to-end insights and find out how different competitors meet the standards, compete against each other, and what pros and cons each of their products has. We shoot unpacking/unboxing and how-to videos and take pictures of everything we test to make sure every essential detail is captured and nothing is left unattended and help you clearly see and understand what you will get in advance.

Apart from evaluating products and sharing their personal opinions and experience, our testers and reviewers fill out a special questionnaire with 10-15 questions to provide the most comprehensive feedback on the products reviewed. This document is never the same for tested products, thus, every time the questions are different. The reviewers and testers also rate each product on a scale of 1 to 10 for factors like durability, design, maintenance, efficiency, user-friendliness, price, etc.

Your most accurate buying decision can be formed based on our testers’ honest positive/negative reviews under the “Tested by MechanicFaq” badge. We provide you with the most useful and impartial information, specs, pros, and cons for each product.