Fuel Pressure Tester Review – Top 6 [2022]

Replacing your vehicle’s fuel filter or fuel injectors can be expensive, but unless you’re certain that the issue is with the fuel system, merely diagnosing the problem can prove to be just as expensive.

A fuel pressure gauge kit can help you identify if it’s your fuel pump, fuel line, or something else.

Save yourself time and money with these top 6 fuel pressure testers.

List of Top 6 Fuel Pressure Testers

PhotoManufacturerModelItem Weight Details
Orion Motor TechProfessional Fuel Pressure Test Kit for All Fuel Injection Systems and Most Cars Trucks Vans and ATVs9.13 poundsView on Amazon
ActronCP7838 Professional Fuel Pressure Tester12 ouncesView on Amazon
OTC5630 Fuel Pressure Test Kit0.035 ouncesView on Amazon
DHAFuel Injection Pump Pressure Tester Gauge Kit 0-140PSI1.52 kgView on Amazon
3640 Professional Fuel Injection Pressure Tester8 ouncesView on Amazon
BETOOLLPro Fuel Injection Pressure Tester Kit Gauge 0-140 PSI 4.78 poundsView on Amazon


Top 6 Fuel Pressure Testers in 2021

1. Orion Motor Tech Fuel Pressure Test Kit

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Orion Motor Tech’s fuel pressure test kit contains an easy-to-read dual gauge along with all the hoses, fittings, and adapters you need to connect it properly and test the fuel pressure on most import and domestic gas vehicles — including cars, SUVs, and trucks.

The 4-inch fuel pressure gauge tester features shockproof rubber casing and a large dial with scales in both psi (to 140) and bars (to 10) for easy and accurate reading, whether you use the American or the metric system.

All connectors that come in this fuel pressure tool set are manufactured from highest quality brass and aluminum to guarantee durability, strength and long-term corrosion resistance; the rubber hoses can endure torsion, high temperatures and extreme pressure, ensuring safe use.

The finely-produced retaining and sealing rings give you a snug fit each time, while the pressure release valve and long drain hose safely release pressure and recover fuel flow once your testing is complete.

Look to OMT for the finest craftsmanship and the most reliable fuel injection testing tools, rigorously tested and backed with usual strong warranty.


2. Actron CP7838 Professional Fuel Pressure Tester

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This Fuel Pressure Tester is designed for fuel injection systems.

It precisely measures the current fuel pressure, whether the engine is on or off.

This kit also features a 6-ft hose, which helps you connect the gauge with any test point.

It comes with a handy pouch, where you can store the gauge and adapters. The adapters it comes with fit most domestic and import vehicles.

This kit provides you with a 2½” gauge with two 0-100 psi/0-700 kPa scales for accurate readings.


3. OTC 5630 Fuel Pressure Test Kit

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OTC’s Fuel Pressure Test Kit allows you to quickly locate any malfunctioning fuel system component – fuel filters, pressure regulators, fuel lines, and fuel pumps – without removing it from the vehicle.

This kit’s large and easy to read gauge features rubber encased impact-resistant housing.

It comes with high quality solid brass fittings, hose, and tubing for long lasting performance and reliability.

The convenient pressure relief valve allows for safe and clean testing.


4. DHA Fuel Pump Pressure Tester Set Petrol Diesel Combustion Gauge Meter 0-140 PSI

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This kit includes a copper adapter and fittings for modern Schrader valve test port fuel injection systems.

The components are fitted with quick coupling systems and safety valves to prevent inadvertent discharge of fuel under pressure.

Its pressure release valve fitted with a long drain hose allows safe fuel recovery.

On top of that, this set’s 90mm gauge has two scales (psi and bar), reading from 0~140psi and 0~10bar.


5. Innova 3640 Professional Fuel Injection Pressure Tester

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It’s large and has an easy-to-read 2″ dial face with a 0-100 PSI scale.

This tester kit also boasts a durable 16″ gauge hose and 6-foot bleed off hose with solid brass fittings.

It also includes Ford, GM and Chrysler test adapters along with a “Tee” adapter for import vehicles.

It helps you identify and diagnose low fuel pressure or a faulty fuel pressure regulator, leaking injectors, fuel leaks, and clogged fuel filters.


6. BETOOLL Pro Fuel Injection Pressure Tester Kit Gauge 0-140 PSI

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Dual Dial For Accurate Reading, With A 140 PSI /10 Bar Scale.

Deluxe Manometer Fuel Injection Pressure Tester Gauge Kit.

This set comes in a specially designed and molded case, allowing for easy storage and organisation.

It’s quick connect coupler at the end of the gauge hose makes speedy and efficient coupling possible with most adapters.

The included adapters, hoses and fittings cover all fuel injection systems, and most cars and trucks world wide!

Final thoughts


We picked our favorite: the Actron CP7838 Professional Fuel Pressure Tester.

Make sure your vehicle runs correctly with these best fuel pressure testers out there.

Go over the characteristic, but make sure you first know what your vehicle needs.

Check out your budget and make sure you choose quality over quantity.

With this review of the best fuel pressure testers, you will have the best equipment possible.

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