F11 Topcoat Review [2022]

The glow of your car, bicycle, or boat surface shows how much you care for your ride.

If you really care, you need to keep the surface shiny and clean.

Additionally, you’ll enhances the stunning appearance of your automobile.

Nowadays, it’s quite hard to maintain the car surface glistening due to dirt and dust we see every day, right? Even though you clean the surface using clean fabrics, the glow just fades away gradually.

So, what can you do?

First off all you can check out this F11 Topcoat review, and decide if you want to have your car looking brand new, thanks to this great car polish.

There are lots of surface polishes available on the market. Those polishes somehow help you in bringing back the glistening appearance of your ride.

However, most of these don’t help keep that appearance for an extended period of time.

However, when talking about F11 Topcoat, we are speaking of a proven way to not only solve this issue but of maintaining the glow for an extended period of time.

This type of polish is formulated and made to reestablish the showroom shine and keep the stunning appearance of your car – 365 days a year.

If you’d like to understand this powerful and fantastic surface gloss and sealer a bit better, keep on reading!

So, auto detailing, put simply, is “the process of restoration that your automobile undergoes in order for it to look brand new.”

Furthermore, auto detailing can be divided into two sub-sections:

Interior Auto Detailing

As its name implies, interior auto detailing is where you mostly deal with restoring and cleaning the inside of your car. The inside design focuses on cleaning particular interior locations, like the seats, trunk, etc.,

Exterior Auto Detailing

The outer covering of your vehicle is primarily focused on here. Your car is cleaned, all the scratches are removed or minimized, and then the surface is given a long-lasting shine.

Exterior detailing relies heavily on the principle of washing and drying.

However, this wash is very different from your average car wash; it’s mostly done by hand and hardly ever relies on any mechanical instruments.

F11 Topcoat


F11 Topcoat Review: One of the Best Polishes Available On The Market

Coming from Topcoat, the F11 polisher is satisfying the majority of the car fans and users.

As a result, you can come across plenty of its lovers.

It includes a couple of wonderful features to out-perform most polishing, cleaning, and sealing products on the current market.

Let’s get to know these features together.

Multi-purpose Product

F11 Topcoat isn’t simply a surface gloss.

It’s a gloss that makes the surface clean and shinier so that it has that “showroom glow”.

It’s a sealer that protects the surface glow for a long period of time, and a shield that protects the surface from the damaging impact of contaminants such as bird poop, acid rain, brake dust, etc.

Versatile Surface Application

Among the most unbeatable advantages of F11 is its multipurpose sealant attributes.

This outstanding product can help you coat and restore your car’s surface and also protect a variety of other substances, such as plastic, aluminum, etc.

This means that you may apply this coat to any part of your vehicle.

Remember that this can withstand low and high temperatures and isn’t flammable. Therefore, it’s safe to presume you won’t have to worry about your vehicle in the most extreme circumstances and can expect that your car will look amazing afterward.

Designed to Ensure Satisfactory Performance

While applying a surface polish or shiner, there are a few important things to keep in mind.

For example, F11 is completely odorless. As a result, you’ll find it very comfortable to apply.

Also, this is a non-stick polish. So, while applying, you won’t have to be tense about accidentally touching the surface.

Your body mark won’t ruin the polished surface.

But, being careful is still recommended.

Safe to Apply

This premium surface glow is made with a distinctive water-based formulation that has diminished the use of harmful substances. Because of this, you won’t have to deal with a Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) or abrasive compounds in it.

It’s safe to apply by hand.

It is also safe to apply in a closed space.

It’s not flammable. So, you can use it near your engine too.

Easy to Apply

You can use this item on the surface of your car or truck. All you need to have is a fresh piece of microfiber fabric. To use it:

  1. Spray it on the microfiber towel and spread evenly on the surface of your car.
  2. Scrub the surface a couple of times.
  3. For tough stains, press a bit harder and stronger.

Note – the F11 Topcoat isn’t made for eliminating strong toxins.

Save time and effort

Formula 11 has the most effective formulation. You spray and spread once. Then wipe it clean with a dry cloth.

That’s the only thing you need to do to get a perfect coating for your car.

Not to mention Formula 11 results last longer than the other products.

As a result, the other product would run out faster than Formula 11 Topcoat .

F11 Topcoat Pros and Cons

How to Apply F11 Topcoat

Applying F11 Topcoat is very easy.

It doesn’t require any type of cleaning or polishing support except a microfiber towel.

Before applying, clean the surface of your car with water.

We don’t recommend any kind of soap with silicone or wax as you want F11 to interact directly with the surface. Make sure there are no water spots on the surface after washing.

After washing your car properly, now it’s time to apply the F11 Topcoat on the surface of your vehicle.

There are two ways to apply this polish on the vehicle’s surface.

Way 1 – In this way, spray it directly onto the surface of your car. Then, use the microfiber towel to buff the spray around that desired area.

Way 2 – Spray F11 on the microfiber towel and wipe a specific part of the surface. Rub it properly so it spreads evenly on the surface.

Try to have 2-3 microfiber towels. As F11 comes in a water-based formula, it quickly makes the towel wet.

As a result, after some time you may need to change the towel. In that case, keeping 1-2 backup towels will help.

If your car already has a coat on it, it won’t work properly. So, before applying F11, make sure that the previous coat isn’t on anymore. Or, you can do another thing.

After applying F11 Topcoat on a previously waxed or silicone-coated surface, add another layer of coat after a few days.

Apply it in such surroundings where possible contaminants like dirt and dust can barely touch your vehicle. If you apply it by the side of a road or in an environment full of dust, you can’t expect much.


F11 Topcoat

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About F11 Topcoat


How long does a bottle of F11 Topcoat last?

There’s not any proof to state just how long a jar of F11 Topcoat will last. It entirely depends upon your usage. The first use of F11 requires two oz of it. Then, the next hardly requires 1 oz. Therefore, a 16-ounce jar may last for quite some time. However, ensure you are not spraying a massive amount while applying. Using just a tiny quantity of F11 works really well.

How long does the coat of F11 stay?

The polish stays on for about 3 to 6 weeks. The durability increases or decreases based on the environment and vulnerability of the vehicle to contaminants. Ensure that you keep the car in a secure location, wash it with water frequently, and use sterile clothing to remove contamination immediately.

Final Verdict on F11 Topcoat Review

F11 is an almost perfect product that offers high profile features and satisfying results which we rarely see in other products. Not to mention that it can easily be used by all users regardless of their level of experience.

You can also use it on various surfaces and vehicles.

The eco-friendly nature of Formula 11 is also a strong reason why we’d like to recommend this product to you. There’s no point in using a high-quality commercial product while harming our environment.

The price of each bottle of Formula 11 is also reasonable and affordable by people in every class. If you can afford your car, you can definitely afford this to maintain its appearance.

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We strongly recommend it.

We also know you’ll love it too.

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