Best Exhaust Systems for Nissan 370Z Review

The exhaust system may be a more important part of the Nissan 370Z than any other vehicle. Since it plays a big role here. Nobody wants to drive around a quiet, Prius-sounding sports car. The Nissan 370Z is a genuine, performance sports car and should definitely at least sound like one. And without a good exhaust system, well, that’s almost impossible to achieve.


Its condition determines the capacity of the power unit (dynamics of acceleration, reduction of maximum speed), fuel consumption, the presence of extraneous noise, the number of harmful gases’ emissions into the atmosphere and inside your car.

Minor malfunctions in this mechanism can lead to more serious consequences which can cause a reduction in the working life and productivity of the engine.

When it gets started and at low revolutions, a quality exhaust system sounds more saturated than a factory one, and, thanks to the removed factory restrictions, the engine will be able to get a lungful of fresh air, bursting into a powerful (or moderate) roar.

Exhaust systems from the list below possess not unique sound, but also raise capacity, torque and reduce weight behind a car back axis that positively affects its dynamic indicators and controllability. Also, they will help to optimize the exhaust and traction flow.

Installation of a quality exhaust system will help your Fairlady’s engine get rid of factory restrictions and maximize its full potential. Check out our top-5 list of exhaust systems for the Nissan 370Z below.

List of Top-Rated Exhaust Systems for Nissan 370Z

Tomei TB6090-NS02A Tomei TB6090-NS02A370Z 09-17View on Amazon
Invidia HS09N7ZGID Invidia HS09N7ZGID370Z 09-18View on Amazon
ARK Performance SM0901-0209G ARK Performance SM0901-0209G370Z 09-19View on Amazon
ARK Performance SM0901-0209D ARK Performance SM0901-0209D370Z 09-13View on Amazon
Agency Power AP-IN-FI-04 Agency Power AP-IN-FI-04370Z Z34 models (tested on LHD model only) 09-14View on Amazon

The Best Exhaust Systems for Nissan 370Z Reviews

Tomei TB6090-NS02A

Tomei TB6090-NS02A

This one was designed for true competition use without compromise. Only the best Titanium grade materials from the special racing layout design, made as straight as possible, to the high flow silencer with the long fiber wool threads. They provide longer life compared to traditional fiberglass materials even with extensive high temperatures both at low and high pressures. With an overall dramatic performance improvement & weight reduction, you can breathe new life into your Fairlady for sure!

This is probably the only exhaust system in the list to provide max weight reduction. The pipe diameter was chosen for optimum exhaust flow efficiency and the sub silencer represents the simple structure and minimal size to avoid unwanted noise. If you are looking for weight loss and performance, this one is probably the most tempting value for money options out there.

It sounds amazing (not that loud until you floor it, then it goes straight in your face) and is a perfect fit. Also, it won’t take much time (about half an hour) to install and is a direct fit to the stock Y pipe as well. All-in-all it provides a good look, more power, and less weight. This exhaust system ensures the smoothest flow, the best clearance and fitment, and a true Japanese quality sound. Once thrown on your Z, it will put a big smile on your face.

Note: designed for off-road purposes only (not so great for those who are after a calm drive). Additional bolt holes may be required when using the sound reducer ver.2. Having a single large Jap-style exhaust poking out the rear is an acquired taste.

Invidia HS09N7ZGID

Invidia HS09N7ZGID

If you can’t resist the urge to get more power out of your vehicle then you probably won’t have to with this superior Invidia product. Scrupulously crafted from durable premium materials to boost the performance of your 370Z, this is more than just meeting your needs and expectations. Invidia Gemini was built to ensure high quality and provide years of reliable service.

All the coolness of this exhaust is not only in its originality and exclusivity but in its unique sound. Invidia is slightly (or not) louder than your ordinary exhaust. The noise it makes is much deeper and more refined as it is an entire cat-back vs. just the axle back. The best part is that it spits flames and is visible at night time.

It is still tame enough though to be a good highway cruiser until the deep growl unleashes an entirely different beast around the 2.5-4.5k rev range. The rearview with such an exhaust becomes angrier and more sporty. The quality of performance and detail as always at a very high level.

Note: this is a Race Only product and can be used solely for competition. It cannot be used on vehicles that are operated on public streets, roads or highways.

ARK Performance SM0901-0209G

ARK Performance SM0901-0209G

You will be satisfied when you get a better power throughout and hear fresh deeper sounds of your Fairlady, compared to the factory one. There’s no way these sounds leave your face without an inspired silly grin. It sounds just marvelous! With its polished piping and burnt tips, nothing will please you more than the sight of its massive 4″ exit coming out from underneath your 370Z.

The ARK is louder than the DT-S (the next in the list). The exhaust note is unobtrusive at idle and cruising speeds but comes to life at wide-open throttle. With the addition of our cat-back exhaust system, you will improve the aesthetics of your vehicle with its sporty and aggressive appearance. Also, Grip has 2.5″ piping and DTS has 3″. Ark grip hang’s lower than DT-S. Yes, you can say this exhaust sounds beast as hell, but if you want to keep it cool and lay low, the exhaust stays at a calm 87 decibels which is hardly noticeable by anybody.

It’s only when you floor it and climb the tachometer that you hear the hidden monster of the Nissan 370Z thundering down the noise of the open road.

Note: some say it’s overpriced. Need some time before the rasping fades (when they get hot) then the sound is good. This is a Race Only product.

ARK Performance SM0901-0209D

ARK Performance SM0901-0209D

Maybe this one is not for every 370Z owner, but some enthusiasts will appreciate it. The ARK DT-S not only provides a great tone but also is dyno proven to maximize performance and engine response. It features quieter cruising speeds than the previous one. And this opens up to deep intoxicating acoustics to show off awesome VQ tone. This one provides more hp by 1 than the Grip 12 vs 13hp.

It’s important to know that ARK DT-S is good for those who want to lower their car.

With such an exhaust you will get quietness in the cab and won’t detect any drone! Maybe a little “hiss” on decel though, but many people like it. The Ark is quiet at idle but may be loud at woot, though its deep solid sound. If you want to make it louder it’s best to pair it up with an HFC.

Note: there may be quite a noticeable muffler hang difference on left and right. So, watch out for that when you install it.

Agency Power AP-IN-FI-04

Agency Power AP-IN-FI-04

As you probably know, titanium resonates at a higher pitch than stainless steel. This gives the exhaust a crisper more race like tone and improvement in performance. Dual exhaust with full 2. 5″ tubing gives the 370Z more exhaust flow and more power. Finished off with dual titanium tips and included optional silencers, your 370Z will be higher quality, better looking and outperform the others on the road/track.

It has generated good linear power from the mid and top-end RPM. Because of the reduction in backpressure, most normally aspirated cars drop low-end torque with aftermarket exhausts. Good price, sound, and performance balance.

After having it on your Nissan 370Z for a couple of days, you are sure to get multiple compliments about the sound and fall in love with it! It’s nice and calm when you want to cruise but won’t hesitate to get aggressive when you get on it.

Note: there may be a slight vibration increase but eases as you break it in.

So Who’s the Winner Anyway?

There is no such thing as “best”, in fact. Everyone’s demands and expectations vary. Some people think that $4000 titanium exhaust is best, others may believe a $1200 stainless system is. The thing is that all will sound and perform a bit differently to one taste or another (not necessarily in proportion to the money spent).

What is the Best Exhaust for Nissan 370Z?

It’s all subjective to the individual. If there were to be a clear “Best Exhaust” wouldn’t call the other exhausts to be out of business? For real, why would you buy a lesser exhaust when you could have the Best?

With a new quality exhaust system, you will get rid of that annoying in-cabin drone and notice again performance-wise, aesthetically, and audibly. Enjoy your Fairlady Z thoroughly!

But we all know there’s nothing like changing up the stock exhaust system on your favorite car. And if you would point a gun at my face, I would probably emphasize Invidia Gemini.

I don’t insist though because, again, it’s all mostly down to personal experience. You may like the look or sound but not be satisfied with the efficiency. However, there’s always something that stands out if you compare features, specifications, materials’ quality and, of course, the price. And I think in this case, Invidia provides your Fairlady Z with a sweet soundtrack and quality and you might consider just pulling the trigger on this one.

Be sure to focus on all the aspects before you buy to complement your Z perfectly.


Drive safe!

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