Top 5 Cold Air Intakes For 370Z in 2022: Comprehensive Guide & Advices!

Are you planning on getting a 370z cold air intake for your car engine? This is an extremely helpful tool and car modification which can benefit your engine greatly. Known to be fairly inexpensive compared to other car modifications, this handy tool helps your car breathe more, making it perform better for your future cruises.

List of Top-Rated Cold Air Intakes For 370Z

Product ImageProduct NameWeightMaterialMore Information
Cold Air Intake SystemCold Air Intake System6.84 poundsPolished AluminumView on Amazon
AEM-21-821DS AEM-21-821DS13.11 poundsRot-Molded PlasticView on Amazon
K&N 71-7078 K&N 71-707812.67 poundsAll black mandrel-bent aluminum componentsView on Amazon
Injen IS1340PInjen IS1340P4.9 poundsAluminumView on Amazon
K&N 69-7078TS K&N 69-7078TS11.7 poundsAluminumView on Amazon
Cold Air Intakes For 370Z

Of course, all these would only work if you invest in the best cold air intake for 370z suitable for your needs. With the many available, which one should you get for your car? To help you find the right one, I recommend checking the top 5 choices below!

The Best Cold Air Intakes For 370Z Reviews

Cold Air Intake System — Cold Air Intake 370Z

STILLEN 402852


  • 17.5 HP gain on the rear wheel
  • For Nissan 370Z and Infiniti G37
  • Comes with heat shield and filter
  • Washable and Reusable Air Filter
  • Comes with all the necessary mountain hardware
  • Offer higher horsepower and better throttle
  • Premium grade aluminum construction


The Rtunes Racing Cold Air Intake for 370Z offers the Gen 3 ultra long tube fit for the Nissan 370Z. It has a new design with newly polished tubes that allow better airflow than its predecessors. It’s made of the mandrel bend polished aluminum for reassured durability and stability.

The result is an estimated 20 horsepower gain from the flywheel. First-timers can install it themselves with easy instructions, as well as better cleaning with easy filter removal. It can take between 1 – 6 hours to install, depending on your initial knowledge of modifying and repairing cars.

Furthermore, the 370Z’s engine starts having a deeper sound that feels great while cruising.


  • Can be installed easily by anyone
  • Guaranteed positive change in horsepower


The Rtunes Racing Cold Air Intake for 370Z is highly recommended for both beginner and advanced car enthusiasts who want assured horsepower gain and better throttle

AEM-21-821DS — Cold Air Intake 370Z



  • Dyno-tested and tuned, made to improve engine sound and acceleration
  • Can be used up to 100,000 miles before cleaning
  • Made of oil-free filter media for ease of wash and reusing
  • Has a roto-molded plastic air intake tube


The AEM Cold Air Intake System is known for its excellent quality materials and air filter. It was tuned and dyno-tested specifically for the Nissan 370Z, making it easy to install on certain models.

It also offers the sleek and modern design, which is made of the mandrel-bent aluminum with a gray coat finish for good looks and durability. The heat shield is another notable feature, having the strength to withstand any driving condition.

Many have reported better power and steadier RPMs, making it a treat to drive with.


  • No need for trimming or tubing upon installation
  • Aggressive car sound and better airflow
  • Sleek and modern design
  • Guaranteed to increase power and stabilize RPMs while shifting


Though a bit more tedious to install, the AEM Cold Air Intake provides the assurance that your engine sound, acceleration, power, and overall performance is further improved.

K&N 71-7078 — Cold Air Intake 370Z

K&N 71-7078


  • Improves engine sound and throttle response
  • Washable air filters
  • Made with all black parts
  • Lasts up to 100,000 miles before service (depends on weather and driving conditions)


The K&N Cold Air Intake System has the guarantee to provide increased torque and horsepower. It’s an oversized cone-shaped tube that offers the oil-free synthetic filter that doesn’t need cleaning as often as others. Most importantly, many have reported a 10 horsepower increase upon installation of the system.

It can take less than 2 hours to install and is fairly easy to maintain. The system comes with the removable and washable air filters to clean after every 100,000 miles.


  • Better horsepower without tuning
  • Easy to install (around an hour)
  • Around 5,000 RPM range
  • 9 HP increase or more


If you mainly focus on the easy install and maintenance, the K&N system is the best option for you.

Injen IS1340P — Cold Air Intake 370Z

Injen SP1902P


  • Made to fit specific Nissan Nismo models
  • Strong and bold red design to stand out
  • Offers potential HP and Torque gains of up to 9 and 11 respectively
  • Comes with heat shield and filter
  • Come with all the necessary mountain hardware
  • Offer higher horsepower and better throttle
  • High-quality aluminum construction


The Injen Cold Air Intake provides the excellent noise and better throttle response you expect after installation. It’s great for a show with its bold red design that catches attention when popping the hood up.

Furthermore, the entire kit is made of the high-quality construction that’s easy to maintain and will last for long drives regardless of the driving condition.

There are some reports of an added 4-10 HP gain and better overall engine performance, as well as the strong and aggressive sounds that have you own the road!


  • Easy install (less than 1 hour)
  • Increases throttle response greatly
  • Better aggressive engine sound
  • Great air intake


The Injen Cold Air Intake System has a solid construction with the ease of installation, making it a worthy investment for specific Nismo models.

K&N 69-7078TS — 370Z Nismo Cold Air Intake

K&N 69-7078TS


  • Free-flowing aluminum pipes with silver powder coated finish
  • Oil-free synthetic air filters
  • Made of all black components
  • Guaranteed power gain with better engine protection
  • Comes with a million-mile limited warranty


The Nissan 370Z Cold Air Intake is guaranteed to give your engine more horsepower and the increased acceleration you need for performance and better quality drives.

This cold air intake system is also made with the quality parts and air filters designed to protect your engine from any harmful contaminants that may come its way.

The installation will only take less than two hours, and the results are noticeable. You get a stronger pull with quicker acceleration, with a better sound when on full-throttle.


  • Cooler air with less restriction
  • Easy install in less than 2 hours
  • Noticeable power gain right after install


This is a pricey yet worthy cold air intake system designed to give you the ultimate horsepower and torque gains. Easy to install and with durable construction, it’s a good choice for beginners or professionals alike.

370Z Cold Air Intake 101

370Z Cold Air Intake: What It Does

Engines work by sucking oxygen, mixing the air with fuel, and then burning this mixture for power production. It needs a proper amount of air and better airflow to “breathe” which is where the cold air intake system comes in.

The cold air intake’s main purpose is to bring cool air to the vehicle’s internal-combustion engine. It’s installed in a way that the system moves air filters outside the engine compartment, allowing the engine to suck in cooler air for combustion which is important because the air is denser when colder, so the engine can get more oxygen in even in smaller volumes.

Furthermore, the system helps in lessening hot air on the engine and reducing the air temperature which would increase the airflow within the compartment. By reducing airflow resistance, it also reduces the unwanted turbulence in engine pipes.

Combining both features can allow your engine to provide maximum horsepower. It can also increase the car’s fuel efficiency and overall performance in the long run!

There are many other ways to increase airflow to your engines, like superchargers or turbochargers. However, using a cold air intake system is the most cost-efficient and easiest. It’s recommended for those who want to save time and money on installation and still get similar results.

How Much Horsepower in 370Z With Cold Air Intake?

The amount of horsepower your Nissan 370Z engine can provide with the cold air intake system depends on a couple of factors:

  • year of the model;
  • quality.

In general, all of the Nissan 370Z V6 engines produce up to 332 hp and offer 260 lb. ft. of torque. When using a cold air intake system, it can add up to 18 hp and 6 lb. ft. When added up, your engine will be able to run on 350 hp and 266 lb. ft. which is a great number that may grow as you continue to make the right modifications for your Nissan.

Cold Air Intake for an Automatic 370Z

What’s great about cold air intake systems is that they are installed straight on the car’s engine. Meaning the system has nothing to do with the car’s gearbox and with other mechanical systems inside.

Because of that, all cold air intake systems would fit either a manual or automatic gearbox. The increased engine performance is similar regardless of what gearbox type the car uses.

As long as it’s installed correctly and suits your Nissan 370Z model, I don’t see why there would be a problem with the type of gearbox used upon installation. You can refer to the reviews I have mentioned above to see which cold air intake system meets both you and your engine’s specific needs.


Cold air intake system installation is similar throughout all car models, and what’s great about these systems is that they’re extremely easy to install. You cut costs on installation because you can finish it within a day and do it yourself. With the right tools and knowledge about your car engine and the system, it can take about an hour and a half to install.

Here are some quick tips to help you go through the cold air intake installation process yourself:

  1. Make sure the engine is switched off and the car battery is unplugged. Allow the engine and its parts to cool down before installation.
  2. Take off the built-in air intake system by removing the filter, its box, and the pipe that leads to the engine. If it’s on the engine, use your socket set to remove its bolts. Also, remove the sensors on the old intake, if there is.
  3. Fit in your new cold air intake system according to instructions given. This depends on the type and brand of system you get.
  4. After you’ve attached everything and have the cold air intake connected to the engine, check what you’ve accomplished. The intake pipe should be running away from the car’s engine bay and runs from the throttle bay. Check if all mountings are tightened and secure enough.
  5. Now reattach the car battery terminal and run a test drive to see if everything is working well. That’s it!

Horsepower Amount for 370Z

The Nissan 370Z is a sports coupe with an amazing engine, new and improved from its predecessors. It dons the V6 engine, coming with a displacement of 3.7L and producing 332 horsepower in the 370Z’s base level. That’s already powerful enough, with a cold air intake system being able to add in more power to that with its efficient purpose!

The extra horsepower added will depend on the cold air intake system you get and the 370Z model you own. On average, the system will be able to add up to an estimate of 15 horsepower on standard 2009-2017 Nissan 370Zs. I don’t have the exact numbers available, but reports show that the number can even exceed 18 horsepower. Besides the horsepower, it can also increase your torque by up to 6 ft. lbs.


Cold air intakes for 370Z are extremely advantageous and offer better engine performance in the long run. As long as you’re able to purchase the right one and properly install it, you won’t have any issues and focus on your ride.

I hope that this article on the best cold air intake for 370Z helps you out. So don’t waste your time and choose the right product for you!

If you have any questions or want to share your tips and reviews on any of these cold air intakes for 370Z, leave your comments below. Your thoughts are much appreciated!

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