Chevy Colorado Tonneau Covers: Buyer’s Guide

“Tonneau covers have been around since 1991, and are essentially a specialized cover for your bed that sits flush with the top of it. They come in three primary varieties, the softcover, hardcover, and hybrid covers.

Renowned for protecting the contents of your truck and providing improved gas mileage due to reduced drag, they can be an essential part of your package.”

While Tonneau covers now to protect the bed of your truck, they used to be something else entirely. They were used in convertibles and roadsters to protect the unoccupied passenger seats in the back.

Today they are primarily used in covering the beds of trucks protecting what’s inside as well as reducing drag that can impact gas mileage.

List & Comparison of Chevy Colorado Tonneau Covers:

American Tonneau 66112American Tonneau 66112Tri-Fold 5-Feet
Tri-Fold 6-Feet
2015-19More Information
TruXedo 249801TruXedo 249801Roll-up 5-Feet
Roll-up 6-Feet
2015-19More Information
TruXedo 243301TruXedo 243301Roll-up 5.7-Feet
Roll-up 6.4-Feet
2004-2012More Information
Lund 95880Lund 95880Tri-Fold 5-Feet2004-2012
More Information
EXTANG 8660EXTANG 8660Full Tilt 5-Feet2004-2012More Information

There are countless styles of tonneau covers, even beyond the hardcover/softcover classifications. Section, retractable, fiberglass, aluminum, lockable, and single sheet styles are all available on the market.

The name itself is French and was used to describe something used to cover up and protect something, referencing casks used to store alcoholic drinks, among other things. For many truck owners, a Tonneau cover is an essential part of their truck that adds functionality, protection, and as mentioned can even improve gas mileage.

When I was looking to buy a Chevy Colorado, I found several styles and paired the features I desired in the truck with the tonneau covers that were available for it. The following are the ones I found for the models I considered.

Review of the Best Chevy Colorado Tonneau Covers:

1. American Tonneau Company Soft Tri-fold Truck Bed Cover – 2016 Chevy Colorado Tonneau Cover

This soft tri-fold cover for Chevy Colorado models for 2015-2019 provides security and an incredible look to any truck that uses it.

All American-made this cover can be attached to your vehicle in just minutes without the need to drill any holes in your truck. It measures 66x29x5 inches (WxDxH) and has a smooth finish on the vinyl.

Great for those looking for light security or to protect the integrity of their bed.

First Impressions

I loved how simple this was to assemble and attach to my truck, and that it was available for a range of years of Colorado. The vinyl was durable and appeared to be of high-quality construction. The Made-In-America spin was a definite winner for me. The fact that it also came with a tailgate seal at no additional cost didn’t hurt either.


  • Stylish Design
  • Tailgate Seal Included


  • Easy to assemble with no drilling
  • Easy access

2. TruXedo 249801 TruXport Soft Roll-up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover – 2015 Chevy Colorado Tonneau Cover

This roll-up soft cover for the 2015-2019 GMC Chevy Colorado is made with an easy to use design that makes it a breeze to access while still granting a level of security. A snap-on model that is both affordable and high quality, the cover sits a full 15” above the bed to provide you with an attractive appearance and ample bed space.

The paddle latches used to secure the truck are easily accessed from both sides when fastening or unfastening the cover.

First Impressions

This was an incredible find, and I seriously considered getting this one for my truck. The cover was easy to assemble, and I loved how the tension control made sure it was always tight and secure to the frame. While it only provided out-of-sight/out-of-mind security that was enough for the things I usually carry in the bed of my truck.

The best part of this cover was how easy it was to open and close it, you flip a couple of latches, give it a pull, and it rolls right up an incredible and convenient design.


  • Leather-Grain fabric
  • Automatic tension control


  • Easy installation
  • Secure

3. TruXedo 243301 TruXport Soft Roll-up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover – 2012 Chevy Colorado Tonneau Cover

An easy to use and access roll-up truck bed cover from TruXedo, designed for access with easy by a single person. An inexpensive solution for those looking to benefit from a tonneau cover on a budget thanks to its snap-on model design. The headers and rails can be installed in under half-an-hour with no cutting or drilling.

The cover attaches to the rails through the use of industrial-strength velcro that helps to reduce wear and tear and keep it taut while in use. Adjustment of the cover can be achieved through a tension control knob that is easy to tighten in seconds without tools.

The top closes with dual paddle latches placed for easy access on either side of the truck to produce a secure fastening.

First Impressions

While it didn’t have all the features of the previous model I still took a good long look at this piece. It’s made with solid craftsmanship from a company I have long since learned to trust and rely on. I appreciated the cost options that came with this piece and the range of trucks it was suitable for.

Additionally, this unit was meant to work with truck-bed liners as well, which is a feature I intended to get on my vehicle.


  • Auto-roll-up feature
  • Manual tension adjustment knob


  • Snap-on model design
  • Industrial strength velco for securing top

4. Lund 95880 Genesis Elite Tonneau Cover – 2004 Chevy Colorado Tonneau Cover

An impressive tonneau top design coming from the Lund company. Constructed from a tightly woven material, this piece is sturdy and reliable while being resistant to mold, mildew, and other environmental factors. The clamps on the piece are of exceptional design, and the top doesn’t flap while the tonneau is in motion.

An included clamp lock provides an additional level of security.

First Impressions

My first impression was that this tonneau cover was of excellent design and construction. When compared to previous models I had used on other trucks, I found that it was more durable and less prone to flapping while secured in place. It was easy to install thanks to its snap-on design and performed exactly as I expected.

The clamp lock was a little tricky to get in place, but once it was secure, it was a cinch to lock and unlock the closed cover. One to look at for those seeking a cost-effective solution.


  • Clamp lock
  • High quality vinyl cover


  • Material resistant to mold and mildew
  • Easy to assemble and attach

5. EXTANG 8660 Full Tilt -Tm Snap Hinged Non-Lockable Tonneau Cover – 2008 Chevy Colorado Tonneau Cover

The Extang 8660 is a top of the line soft vinyl cover that opens and closes on a hinge and is easy to operate even with one hand.

The hinges are of excellent design using a ball and joint snap-in design and safety secured using gas-hinges. Once open it allows for complete access to the bed of the truck without complication thanks to the gullwing latch that ensures there’s no interference with the interior of the bed of the truck.

First Impressions

I was a little intimidated when I received it; I sincerely thought that the hinge system was going to make it more complicated to attach to my truck then it wound up being. Once it was on, I was thoroughly impressed with how smoothly the cover would slide up and out of the way when I needed to get into the back.

While it didn’t come with any sort of locking mechanism, it was still comforting to know that it would be perfectly effective at keeping honest people honest. Durable and reliable, it ended up being the one I went with for my truck.


  • Smooth opening feature
  • Gull wing latches to keep bed clear


  • Smooth easy-to-open design
  • Tool free assembly


How To Pick A Chevy Colorado Tonneau Cover

Selecting a Tonneau cover involves deciding several things about the piece you intend to buy. These include the access style as well as the composition of the piece itself. Tonneau covers are available in fiberglass, plastic, and aluminum, among other materials.

The best part of getting a tonneau cover is no longer having to worry about the damage the weather is doing to your truck bed when melted snow and water sticks around afterward.

One of the things to consider in your design is what kind of whether you’re dealing with and what type of cover will best address that concern. You also want to consider what kinds of things you’re carrying in the bed of your truck and how much security you’re going to want as a result.

Expensive tools and equipment will probably merit putting a locking aluminum cover on it, while less expensive items may just need to be hidden from sight with a softcover or a non-locking softcover. It’s worth noting that a soft tonneau cover can’t be opened unless the tailgate is opened, so locks there will help as well, though a knife will open the vinyl in no time.

Another thing to consider is how often you’ll need to get into the bed of your truck. Regular access to the truck bed can be obtained with a roll-up cover that you can get into by opening the rear end of your truck and then rolling the tonneau cover-up.

Roll-ups come in both hard and soft varieties, so you won’t be sacrificing security by choosing this option. There are also retractable versions that are essentially the same thing only with the push-button operation.

Folding tonneau covers are also available, a design that essentially is in three sections that simply fold over each other. These models are also available in hard and softcover versions. The hard folding covers can also support an appreciable load on top, which can be beneficial if you need to carry extra cargo in your bed.

The ultimate in protection is available in the 1-piece tonneau covers that are hinged and have a locking mechanism at the back. These devices are incredibly secure and can be colored to match or complement the color of your truck.

While they’re available in a soft cover variety as well, the most popular versions are the impact-resistant aluminum and hard plastic versions.

You may also want to consider if you’re going to need access to a toolbox. Some tonneau covers are designed in such a way as to accommodate the toolboxes that can be mounted in the back of your truck. This is perfect for someone who works construction and needs regular access to their toolbox while also having a secure place to store other valuable items and equipment.

Have a truck with no toolbox, and you’re looking for both? There are also tonneau covers that are specifically included with a toolbox. This is an incredibly popular option among the working folk out there who need their vehicles to meet all their needs.

As you can see, there’s a huge variety of things to think about when selecting a tonneau cover, and I had to think about all of them when selecting one for my (soon to be) new Chevy Colorado. Below I have listed all the ones that I seriously considered during my search for the right track and the right cover. I hope this will be of some use to you in your automotive journey.


These five tonneau covers would all have been an excellent choice for my Chevy Colorado, but it was the gas-hinged one that caught my fancy. It was just easier to open and close and perfectly suited to the application I had in mind for the truck. For your purposes, you may find the roll-up design to be a better option, but for myself, I’d go with the EXTANG model every time.
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