The Best Brake Pads For Honda Accord Here: Comparison & Personal Piece of Advice! [2022]

“Multiple components come together to create the braking system of your vehicle, with one of the most important components being the brake pad. A brake pads job is to apply force to the rotors on your vehicle to reduce its speed through friction when you press on the brake pedal.”

Without brake pads doing their job, driving our vehicles would be a lot more exciting, and a lot more dangerous, than it is. While not all brakes use brake pads, those that do are among the most common in the vehicles most people drive.

List & Comparison of Brake Pads For Honda Accord:

PhotoProductBrake Pad PositionDrivetrainDetails
EBC Brakes DP41655R EBC Brakes DP41655RFront4WD
More Information
Hawk Performance HB393F.665 Hawk Performance HB393F.665FrontFWDMore Information
Bendix Premium Copper Free CFC914 Bendix Premium Copper Free CFC914Front4WD
More Information
EBC Brakes DP31610C EBC Brakes DP31610CFront4WD
More Information
Hawk Performance HB275Z.620 Hawk Performance HB275Z.620FrontFWDMore Information
Power Stop Z23-465 Power Stop Z23-465FrontFWDMore Information

There’s a staggering variety out there as well, including organic brake pads, ceramic brake pads, metallic brake pads, and a host of specialized ones that are used for large trucks and other vehicles under heavy loads.

When I went looking for brake pads I discovered that there was a lot to learn and that choosing the right one for my vehicle wasn’t going to be as simple as finding one that was made for a vehicle. I also quickly became aware that I needed to know which brakes the vehicle required for the front and the back since most vehicles use different brake pads for each.

Below are some of the best brake pads I found when looking for Honda brake pads.

Review of the Best Brake Pads For Honda Accord:

EBC Brakes DP41655R — 2010 Honda Accord Brake Pads

EBC Brakes DP41655R

These brakes are produced by EBC for high-performance and racing vehicles. They feature a high-friction pad that makes stopping from high speed a breeze from a compound that produces Zero Fade. Their design ensures that they will immediately be effective for braking from cold, and are legal for use on a race track or the street.

My Impressions

These brakes are decidedly high quality and perform exactly as they say they will. Their stopping power bars none, and they have a long lifetime that means the investment is worth it. It’s nice that they don’t require warming up to be effective, important if you’re out racing and convenient if you’re not.

If you’re looking for a high-performance brake pad that will keep up with the abuse it will receive by the high-speed operation; this is a good choice.


  • High Friction Pad
  • Zero Fade Compound


  • Brakes Effective Even When Cold

Hawk Performance HB393F.665 — 2015 Honda Accord Brake Pads

Hawk Performance HB393F.665

Hawk Performance has a reputation centered on the production of high-quality brakes that are safe and effective to use. These brake pads are specifically designed for street use by high-performance vehicles, and feature enhanced stopping power to meet your every need.

The ceramic material is environmentally safe and durable, providing effective noise-free braking for the life of the brake pads.

First Impressions

The process of putting these brakes on the Honda Accord was simple and straight-forward, and I noticed an immediate boost to the performance of my brakes. These are smoother than other brakes I’ve used, and I noticed that there was less brake-dust and grime on the inside of my tires after driving a while on them.

One of the reasons I bought these was how gentle they were reported to be on rotors, and have recently had to replace my rotors I was in no hurry to replace them again anytime soon.


  • HPS brake compound for high performance
  • High Torque At Any Temperature


  • Gentle on Rotors
  • Vitually Noise-Free

Bendix Premium Copper Free CFC914 — 2014 Honda Accord Brake Pads

Bendix Premium Copper Free CFC914

These high quality ceramic brakes provide exceptional braking ability over the life of the brake. The composition of these brakes is guaranteed to be 100% copper-free and utilize a 4-layer shim design that was designed by the OE to eliminate noise during braking.

This package comes with brake lubricant, the hardware, and a hangtag to make putting them on your vehicle a breeze. Light and effective they’re sure to improve your vehicle’s overall performance.

First Impressions

I’ve always held ceramic brakes in high regard as the ultimate in braking technology, and whenever possible, I’m certain to get them for my vehicles. These were a great option and came through on the performance angle.

Additionally, they are exceptionally quiet, and the fact that my rotors won’t be undergoing quite as much of a beating is a plus for these. The copper free design of the brakes put them in line with new environmental regulations without sacrificing any of the heat dissipation ability or added squeaking or shuddering.

I like a company that’s ahead of the times and still delivering on performance.


  • Lubricants and Hangtag included with hardware
  • Vehicle specific design


  • Noise-Free Design
  • Copper Free

EBC Brakes DP31610C — 2006 Honda Accord Brake Pads

EBC Brakes DP31610C

Another great offering from EBC Brakes these brake pads are specially formulated to work with premium sedans and fast streetcars. EBC Brakes is proud to release this line of low-dust brakes with their low heat fade and high friction design with their patented brake-in coating. Easy to install these pads will have you back on the road in no time.

First Impressions

These were an excellent option for my European client who was looking for a set of brakes that would fit their vehicle and meet the local requirements of the region. They provide an exceptional braking experience and keep the dust on your wheels lower than most of the competitive brakes on the market.

I did find these easy to install, the instructions were straight-forward, and they seemed to be custom made for my vehicle.


  • Low Dust Design
  • Low Heat – High Friction


  • Easy to Install

Hawk Performance HB275Z.620 — 2001 Honda Accord Brake Pads

Hawk Performance HB275Z.620

This selection comes from Hawk Performance and is one of their exceptional ceramic brake pads geared for performance. Brake pad features enhanced stopping power, ultra-low dust generation, an extended life span, and consistent output of friction.

Comprised of a performance ceramic brake compound, they are perfect for anyone looking for superior results from their brake pads.

First Impressions

Hawk Performance may have a reputation for affordability, but they never lack for quality or performance, which makes them one of my favorite brake manufacturers. These brakes present an excellent example of why I stick with Hawk.

From the Stable friction output that provides a smooth braking experience to the enhanced stopping power that makes even emergency stops happen quickly and effectively, there’s simply nothing to hate about them.


  • Brake Compound is Performance Grade
  • Incredibly low dust generation


  • Consistent output of friction for smooth braking
  • Long-life pads

Power Stop Z23-465 — 2002 Honda Accord Brake Pads

Power Stop Z23-465

Power Stop Evolution brakes are some of the most high-performance brakes available, featuring pads that are carbon fiber infused to provide the best in stopping power. The shims have been rubberized with premium rubber to virtually eliminate noise during the braking process when combined with the slotted and chambered design.

The backing plates resist corrosion and rust thanks to an innovative powder coating.

First Impressions

These were honestly some of my favorite brakes, they just performed so incredibly well, and they served my vehicle for many more miles than their manual indicated. (Warning: Do not intentionally exceed the noted lifespan of your vehicle’s brakes, there’s no guarantee they’ll last).

I live in an area where salting the roads is a common practice during the winter months, and nothing destroys the brakes of your vehicle like the corrosion caused by salt, but the powder coating ensured they survived much better than other brakes I’ve tried.


  • Evolution formula includes Carbon Fiber
  • Rubberized Shims for Brake Noise Reduction


  • Extended lifespan
  • Powder coated plate to reduce corrosion


How To Pick Honda Accord Brake Pads

Originally made of asbestos modern brake pads are made from more environmentally safe materials. One type of modern brake is the Organic brake, made from materials that include special resins, Kevlar, rubber, glass, and other materials that are good at dissipating heat. These materials are softer than asbestos, making them quieter than the old design as well.

This came with the unfortunate side effect of them wearing down a bit faster, resulting in more dust as they wear away. Ceramic pads are another modern form of a pad that is favored for their light-weight design and durability.

These types of brake pads tend to be more expensive than the organic or metallic brakes, but they dissipate heat incredibly well, meaning that they’re effective all the time. The dust they generate also doesn’t stick to the tires and is lighter in color than other brake pads.

Traditionally used for race cars they are generally too expensive for most people to consider for their vehicles, but those who want reliable, long-lasting, and environmentally sound brakes may consider it worth it. The most common modern brake pad is the metallic brake pad.

Constructed from an amalgam of iron, copper, graphite, and steel bonded together into a pad they are the cheapest ones available. They also happen to be more durable than organic pads but are also significantly heavier. Unfortunately, they also tend to cause additional wear to the rotors of the vehicle, so the long-term costs can be significantly higher.

How To Change Brake Pads?

Knowing when and how to change your brake pads can save you an incredible amount of money. When brake pads start to wear down they become less effective and driving becomes more dangerous. While that’s bad enough, they also will begin making a squealing noise that will eventually turn to a grinding noise if you don’t replace them soon.

Brake pads that have worn down can begin to do a significant amount of damage to your rotors, eventually requiring them to be resurfaced or even replaced.

You could pay a mechanic to replace your brake pads, or you could take an opportunity to learn how to do it yourself and get back on the road in a couple of hours while saving yourself potentially hundreds of dollars.

You can begin by jacking up your car and removing the tire and wheel. The next step involves removing the caliper fasteners and setting them off to one side until later.

While you’re in there you’ll probably want to check the brake fluid (find instructions online for your vehicle). You’ll want to use a specialized caliper hanger or bungee cord to secure the caliper so it isn’t putting pressure on the brake line by hanging on it.

Once you have the caliper bracket fasteners removed and have pulled off the bracket you’ll want to take note of how to pads are attached before removing them. Inspect the rotor for warping or damage including blue spots, grooves, pitting, cracks, chipping, or deep rust.

Follow these steps in the order in reverse, putting the new brake pads in the process, and then lower your vehicle to the ground. Pump the brakes to make sure everything is moving correctly, and move on to your next break.


This list of brakes represents some of the finest offerings in the industry for the serious driver and car enthusiast. All of them can put up with the wear and tear of hard use and long driving, and it would be hard to pick a favorite. Thankfully as they’re all designed for different vehicles, I don’t have to. Instead, I would recommend these for the vehicles of the appropriate year as my go-to model.

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