Best Radar Detectors Review

A police radar detector is an electronic device that detects if law enforcement is using police radar equipment like a radar gun. You need such a device to avoid a speeding ticket, but there are so many various types on the market these days – which one to choose? Let’s figure this out!

Basic radar guns act like radio receivers – these devices emit radio waves that run at lightning speeds and bounce back from the front of the vehicle to the radar device once the object is in the path. According to a Chicago car accident lawyer, this is why such guns are used by police to identify and stop speeding vehicles. 360-degree radars are also able to monitor the side and rear of the vehicle, which enhances their usability.

In addition, having a model with Highway and City modes allows you to adjust the sensitivity of the device. Some of the advanced models also have a voice or visual notifications to keep you informed. Moreover, you can get a cordless radar detector for better flexibility.

Top 8 Radar Detectors

PhotoProductTypeSiRFstar III GPSDetails
Cobra-XRS9370 Cobra XRS9370Radar/LaserNoView on Amazon
Escort Passport 9500IX Escort Passport 9500IXRadar/LaserYesView on Amazon
UNIDEN R3 Radar DetectorUNIDEN R3 Radar DetectorRadar/LaserNoView on Amazon
Valentine One Radar Detector Valentine One Radar DetectorRadar/LaserNoView on Amazon
Whistler CR70 Whistler CR70Radar/LaserNoView on Amazon
Beltronics Vector V955Beltronics RX65Radar/LaserNoView on Amazon
Radenso Pro M Radar Detector Radenso Pro M Radar DetectorRadar/LaserNoView on Amazon
K40 RLS2 K40 RLS2Radar/LaserYesView on Amazon

Review of the Best Radar Detectors

Cobra XRS9370 – Best Radar Detector for the Money

Cobra XRS9370

With the Cobra Police Radar Detector, you get sufficient protection needed to avoid costly speeding tickets. The advanced features of this device offer high performance for a wide range of applications. For instance, the high-tech sweep circuitry of the device provides an extended detection range to give you more advanced and detailed warning alerts compared to other Cobra models, e.g. the Cobra ESD7570 9-Band Performance Radar/Laser Detector with 360 Degree Detection.

To adjust the sensitivity of the Cobra XRS 9370 radar/laser detector, you should set the City and Highway modes. This will allow you to reduce false alerts, especially while driving in highly populated areas. Keep in mind that the featured KU Band Detection mode (detects the Ku Band Radar Gun) is currently being used in Europe only. But the technology will soon be adopted in the US, so it’s only a matter of time.

After reading the Cobra radar detector manual, I have noticed that this model has some benefits over other popular radars. For example, the Cobra SPX 6655 radar detector doesn’t offer the same advanced features as this speed radar detector does. In general, the whole Cobra radar detector SPX lineup is considered less tech-filled when compared to the XRS model.

In addition, the XRS 9370 can detect two more laser/radar bands which the Cobra 12 band radar detector can’t. While the Cobra RAD 450 laser/radar detector is also a popular model, you shouldn’t expect the same performance level from it.

There are dozens of positive customer reviews of this model. However, some people say that it provides more false alerts compared to other similar models. This, however, as mentioned earlier, can be fixed by adjusting the sensitivity.

Does this Cobra radar detector come with a mount?

Yes. You will receive everything necessary for immediate use, including a suction cup, mounting bracket, power cord, and user instructions.

Does this Cobra model feature 360-degree protection?

The XRS9370 has 360-degree protection that detects radar signals from any direction. It will also work through most objects, including the body and windshield of the vehicle.

Who should buy it. Those who need the highest protection level and a top-of-the-line radar detector model. This device offers protection from every angle and comes packed with various advanced features.

Why I like it. The Cobra XRS9370 is my number one choice on the market. It’s easy to use and install. Plus, it offers a high protection level from every angle as well as a variety of features that allow you to change the sensitivity. I’ve made sure that the radar detector mount is made of durable materials, offering a great value for the money.

Escort Passport 9500IX – Best Police Radar Detector

Escort Passport 9500IX

If you are looking for the best radar detector from Escort, you can’t go wrong with the Passport 9500IX. It comes with voice alerts and a high-resolution display, allowing you to make quick adjustments to your speed. This Escort IX radar detector also utilizes AutoLearn intelligence. You can quickly adjust the brightness and safety warning system to suit your needs.

The Escort Passport 9500IX radar detector comes with a quick-release windshield mount, reference card, coiled SmartCord, and the owner’s manual. It will also detect all radar bands, including X, K, Ka and POP modes. Like the previous model, it contains front and rear sensors to offer full 360-degree protection.

If you need Bluetooth and Wi-Fi features, consider the Escort Max 360C radar detector instead. You can also opt for the Escort X80 radar detector with live crowdsourcing and voice alerts. Finally, you can get the Escort Redline radar detector which offers every feature you may need in a range of such devices.

Do I need subscription for updates?

If you would to receive updates for alerts and new red light cameras, you will have to get your subscription through the company.

Is this Escort radar detector cordless?

It’s not, but you can order the Escort direct smart cord for cordless application.

Who should buy it. Drivers that need access to both real-time updates and the latest technology. This Escort model provides superior protection from every angle.

Why I like it. The available smart cord makes it simple to turn this model into a hidden radar detector. It also has excellent reviews and is a many car enthusiasts’ number one choice when it comes to performance and reliability.

UNIDEN R3 Radar Detector – Best On a Budget

UNIDEN R3 Radar Detector

Now if we are talking about the best Uniden radar detector, it’s definitely the R3 model. This detector proudly sits between the Uniden R7 radar detector and the Uniden R1 radar detector. With a wide range of features and sensitivity adjustment, law enforcement vehicles will not become an unpleasant surprise on the road. The unit also comes with advanced false alert filtering for improved protection against speeding tickets. With the GPS technology, you are able to mute annoying false alerts along your regular-driven routes and avoid hearing the same false alert again.

This Uniden R3 Extreme Long Range laser/radar detector includes red light and speed camera alerts, as well as a multi-color OLED display. If you prefer a hands-free operation, you can always switch to voice alerts for convenience and quality communication.

This model is comparable to the Uniden LRD950 radar detector. The biggest difference is that Uniden radar detector reviews are more favorable on the R3. You may also want to check out the Uniden LRD450 laser radar detector which comes with two different modes for city or highway application.

Does this Uniden radar detector monitors in all 360 degrees?

Yes. It includes the 360-degree Eagle Eye monitoring system that detects a radar gun from every direction.

How do I install updates?

To install updates on the Uniden R3, you need to download all of the firmware and plug the device into your computer for uploading.

Who should buy it. Anyone who wants high-quality 360-degree protection from the trusted electronics company. This device also comes with everything needed for a quick start.

Why I like it. The Uniden R3 Extreme Detector is simple to set up and doesn’t require a lot of in-depth experience/knowledge from its owner. The adjustable voice alerts are especially good as well as easy sensitivity adjustments.

Valentine One – Best Laser Radar Detector

Valentine One Radar Detector

The Valentine One detects a variety of bands, including X, K, Ka and Super Wideband Ka. With the 360-degree protection, it also works for laser devices. This model comes complete with a directional indicator, a Valentine radar detector cord, and a durable suction cup to attach to your windshield. It also includes the Valentine One radar detector manual for easy installation.

According to multiple Valentine radar detector reviews, the biggest issue appears to be the sensitivity. It can be challenging to adjust and might give an excessive amount of false alerts. If compared to other models, you might want to get a different device to better suit your needs. For example, the K40 radar detector vs Valentine One review clearly shows an impressive amount of positive reviews on the former unit. With the Valentine radar detector vs. Escort, I have also noticed that the Escort’s MAX360C model has a lot more to offer, e.g. a Bluetooth feature.

Can the Valentine One radar detector communicate with the driver?

No. There are no voice alerts for the Valentine One. You will have to check the display to see what the audible chirps signify.

Can the Valentine One be installed on a bike?

If you want to turn the device into a motorcycle radar detector, an installation kit and some place to hide the wires will be required.

Who should by it. Anyone who wants the latest technologically advanced device with a long-range capability. If you want to save yourself from speeding tickets without all the excessive bells and whistles of modern detectors, this might be the best option for you.

Why I like it. The kit comes with everything needed for immediate use. The instructions are quite simple to understand, and all the users seem to be happy enough with the performance.

Whistler CR70 – Best Radar Detector Under 100

Whistler CR70

The Whistler CR70 laser radar detector works with X-, K-, and Superwide Ka-bands to provide maximum protection and versatility. It can also be used to identify the Laser Atlanta Stealth mode, LTI Truspeed S, and Laser Ally. With 360-degree perimeter protection, this model detects signals from every side of the vehicle. It also comes with Traffic Flow Signal Rejection (TFSR) to eliminate false alerts from radar-based traffic monitoring systems. The CR70 comes with a 12V power cord and windshield bracket kit. Various user reviews confirm that the unit is simple to set up and configure.

Whistler makes a variety of models that might interest you even more. One of the most comparable options is the Whistler radar detector Z-11R+. Then you also have the Whistler CR90 laser radar detector with a built-in GPS database. At the other end of the spectrum there is the Whistler LR 300GP radar detector which, however, doesn’t have as many good reviews as the CR70 model does but is still worth considering. If you need maximum performance, I’d recommend the Whistler CR97 radar detector. Finally, the Whistler radar detector Z19R comes with bilingual capability (English or Spanish) and a full text display.

Can the CR70 model detect advanced driver-assist programs from nearby vehicles?

The unit feature settings that reduce false alerts and will also remove alarms from familiar routes caused by stores and other speed monitoring signs.

Can the Whistler detector be hardwired into a vehicle?

Yes, but you will have to get an additional hardwire cord to plug the device directly into your vehicle’s power source. The kit only includes a 12V power cord and windshield bracket kit.

Who should buy it. Anyone who needs complete perimeter protection. If you want to eliminate false alerts, this device might be ideal for you.

Why I like it. Not only does this system have advanced technology to reduce false alerts but it’s simple to set up and use. I also appreciate the variety of bands it detects.

Beltronics RX65 – Best Radar Detector Under 300

Beltronics Vector V955

If you care about your safety while driving, Beltronics RX65-Red Professional Series Radar Detector is what you need. Using this detector is a breeze and improves extreme sensitivity to all laser bands and radar with more than ten times other sensors’ range. This helps to provide you with ultra-performance.

The detector will give you superior detection. It has all you expect from a super detector, including a full K, X, SuperWide Ka, patented mute and auto-mute, front and rear laser detection, and Safety Warning System radar capability. The AutoScan mode helps to get rid of false alarms and offers the City and Highway settings. Digital signal processing (DSP) provides you with a powerful long-range ability.

The control of this detector is just at your fingertips using the SmartPlug power cord. Patented mute and auto-mute technology on the cord enables you to silence alerts very fast. You can customize various features using advanced programming, while the programmable bands allow setting the device for your region, which comprises North America and International settings.

The ultra-bright LED display helps to track and display various radar signals, such as signal strength. Tech display gives you the actual numeric radar frequency for any radar signal, while the Safety Warning System (SWS) sends you massages of the upcoming hazards. It comes in both red and blue LED models for you to choose your favorite color.

How does the Safety Radar works?

Safety Warning System (SWS) uses a modified K-band radar signal to notify users of anything happening ahead, such as highway maintenance or construction, weather-related hazards, slow/fast-moving vehicle, and any travel information.

Does the Beltronics RX65 radar detector come with an amount?

Yes. It comes with a quick-release windshield mount, coiled SmartPlug, a manual, and a hard shell Meta case.

Why should buy it: The device is ideal for anyone who wants superior detection from all sides. The detector also helps to get rid of false alarms. If you care about your safety while driving, this is the best radar detector for you.

Why I like it: It comes with everything you need to enable you to use it immediately. The manual contains easy-to-read instructions, and many people who have used it are happy with its performance.

Radenso Pro M Radar Detector – Best Car Radar Detector

Radenso Pro M Radar Detector

The Radenso Pro M long range high performance radar detector can perform from up to several miles away. It also comes with false alert filtering to reduce alarms from nearby high-tech vehicles. There is also a GPS lockout feature that marks common locations for false alerts. This particular kit comes complete with a windshield suction cup mount, power cord, carry case, and mini-USB to USB data cable. You can also purchase the visor mount or direct wire kit for more versatility.

The customer reviews suggest that the Radenso XP radar detector might be a good alternative, as well, however the range is shorter and there’s no MultaRadar Detection feature (frequency modulated radar threat). If you can do without the latter and also with no GPS lockouts, red light & speed camera alerts, and the speed-based auto muting feature, you can get the Radenso SP radar detector, as well. There’s also the basic Radenso Pro SE radar detector model at the lowest price available in the lineup.

Is the Radenso Pro M volume adjustable?

Yes, you can adjust volume from 0 to 9, and there is a customizable speed muting option that remains quiet until you reach a certain speed.

Are updates free?

The company does not charge for updates, allowing you to receive red light camera and speed updates for free.

Who should buy it. Those who need an extreme detection range from their device. If you want to fly down the road while always being on the lookout for those speed traps, this is your perfect choice.

Why I like it. Not only does this detector contain the GPS technology but it also comes preloaded with a database of red light and speed camera locations. Plus, with free software/gps updates provided by the company every month, it’s easy to keep it state-of-the-art.

K40 RLS2 – Best Cheap Radar Detector

K40 RLS2

Another popular option is the K40 electronics radar detector. The RLS2 rejects false alerts coming from other car sensors and traffic signs. You can also mute some alerts or adjust the settings for automatic volume reduction. According to the K40 radar detector manual, the kit comes with a windshield mounting bracket, suction cups, a straight power cord for custom hardwired installation, and a coiled power cord with a 12V outlet adapter.

All in all, the users seem to be pleased with the model judging from various K40 radar detector reviews. In comparison, the K40 RL360i radar detector is a custom-installed option which offers 360-degree police radar protection as well as detailed on-screen alert information. If you want the ace of aces, the latter is definitely the better solution.

Does the K40 RLS2 come with a carrying case?

No, but all the kits include suction cups, a windshield mounting bracket, straight power cord, and coiled power cord.

Does the K40 RLS2 has 360-degree protection?

Yes. This model does monitor bands in every direction.

Who should buy this. Those interested in an easy-to-adjust detection system. The unit has audible alerts that can be adjusted according to personal preferences. Plus, the detector features an intensity-adjustable display, which is very convenient depending on your driving environment. If you want maximum control over your driving experience this device can offer 13 customizable settings to provide that for you.

Why I like it. The customer reviews suggest a high level of satisfaction, which proves that this device is a good value. It also features GPS to help eliminate false alerts.


As you can see from this review, there are plenty of high-quality radar detectors on the market these days. While I’ve considered only a few of the models, some of them clearly prevail over others for different reasons. However, if you want to avoid speeding tickets, you can find a reliable device that keeps you informed.

If you are looking for a basic radar detector, I recommend the Beltronics Vector V955 Radar Detector. It has plenty of features to suit various needs, without overwhelming the users with advanced properties. However, if you want the latest technology and updatable features, you might want to consider the Cobra XRS9370 model which offers a longer range of detection, resulting in ultimate protection.

With autonomous vehicles becoming more popular every year, there will likely be a decline in use of radar detector technology. Self-driving cars will already have various control features pre-installed to observe speed limits. But for now, you are still obliged to do that, and that’s where radar detectors can really help.



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