Top 8 Performance Chips for Chevy Silverado – Buyer’s Guide [2022]

The prevalence of controllers over engine performance is increasing today, as motorists want to achieve greater productivity from their engines. Analysis of the proposed devices will allow us to evaluate Performance Chips for Chevy Silverado-Buyer’s Guide! The tips outlined here will help you choose a decent device that will unleash the full potential of your engine. 

Fuel consumption

An active fuel consumption controller is a system that disables multiple cylinders in the engine to save gasoline. It is good when driving on the highway or in the city under normal conditions and standard load. When an additional load is applied to the car, all cylinders are activated and the vehicle starts working at full power.

Some modern software controllers allow you to disable this function and thus use the full potential of the engine at any time. This is relevant if you need to tow another heavy vehicle, drive over difficult terrain, or just want to enjoy the full power of your vehicle. Of course, the fuel consumption when switching off the economy mode will be on maximum, but you will immediately feel the force of acceleration. Some 2019 Chevy Silverado performance chips allow you to disable even the auto start-stop function. 

Installing Chevy Silverado performance chip

Almost any processor that has a small size, for example, the 2018 Silverado performance chip can quickly make changes to the basic structure of the engine. It increases the speed efficiency and responsiveness of the valves. In most cases, this mobile processor is connected using a standard connector. Even the Performance chip for the 1997 Chevy Silverado connects via an OBDII socket. Manufacturers ‘ brands reflect different features of chips. Vertex performance chip reviews talk about their popularity, as they give a powerful boost to the engine, but other brands also offer decent devices.

List of Top Performance Chips for Chevy Silverado

PhotoProductEngine TypeYearDetails
aFe Power 77-44005 aFe Power 77-44005V82001-2004View on Amazon
Range Technology FBA_RA003V6; V8; L42005-2019View on Amazon
DiabloSport S1000V6; V82005-2017View on Amazon
Power Tune Performance PowerTune156V6; V82001-2016View on Amazon
DiabloSport M1000XV6; V8; L42005-2019View on Amazon
Innovative Performance Chip INV-CHVY-SLVRDO15V6; V81996-2014View on Amazon
JET-Performance-20710 JET Performance 20710V6; V82006-2017View on Amazon
ChipPower 82242293 ChipPower 822422934.3L; 4.8L; 5.3L; 6.0LN\AView on Amazon

Reviews of the Best Performance Chips for Chevy Silverado

aFe Power 77-44005

aFe Power 77-44005

An excellent set of automobile processor from aFe Power can give additional power to the engine. It assumes as much as 4 operating modes. Each of them creates certain driving conditions and adapts to the driving style of the driver. The operating modes are switched with a single button, and an indicator of a certain color indicates which mode is currently active. This is a fairly simple but effective solution in terms of vehicle capacity performance. The device creates the additional torque increases the release of fuel and the feedback of the throttle valve. This way you get efficient turbo acceleration using a high-performance car processor. 

This computer processor does not require the connection of other tuners and is specially designed to increase the power of stock cars. After connecting it, you will immediately notice a significant increase in power and torque. It can be conveniently attached to the cabin and operated with just one button.  


  • gives a significant increase in engine power
  • easy installation and connection system 
  • complete installation kit


  • color: black
  • power gain of 50 horsepower
  • 4 operating modes of the system
  • weight of kit: 2 pounds
  • manufacturer’s brand: aFe Power

Before purchasing a device, keep in mind that it is not suitable for use in California. As for the installation process, the kit has everything you need for a quick connection. There are factory connections and wires. When you install this processor in a car, it is better not to use any other tuners that are also designed to increase engine power. They are simply not necessary. It is recommended to use a sports mode of driving when towing. If the towed vehicle is too heavy, you should switch to sport+.  

How long will it take on average to install the processor?

It depends on your ability to work with car equipment. If you have enough experience, it usually takes up to 40 minutes to connect. The wiring device for installation is not complicated, but if you do not know what to do, it is better to contact a professional car service.

Range Technology FBA_RA003

Range Technology FBA_RA003

This is a mobile controller that allows you to disable the economy system in the engine. This fuel manager is a small device that can be easily inserted into the corresponding port and allows disabling the shutdown mode of cylinders in the machine. This way you get a 100% active engine every second you drive. Its main advantage is its small size and mobility. Also, it does not make changes to the onboard computer program or reprogram it. If you pull out the device, it will not be possible to determine that it was used. Using this fuel controller improves fuel release and throttle responsiveness. You will feel it immediately. Use the device in high-load conditions, towing and driving outside the city limits on rough terrain.     


  • adequate market price
  • allows you to increase engine power in heavy driving conditions
  • Economy mode in the engine is deactivated, making all cylinders work
  • 100% realization of the engine potential
  • does not change the main parameters and returns the car computer to its original state after extraction


  • color: blue
  • item weight: 2.4 oz
  • manufacturer: Range Technology

The fuel Manager is characterized by a simple principle of connecting to the car system. It is inserted into the diagnostic port and does not require any special wires or modifications. It does not make changes to the basic programs of the onboard computer. Its installation in the car does not leave any connection data in memory.  

Can I pull the controller out of the connection connector when the engine is running?

The manufacturer recommends removing the device when the engine is completely turned off. It is not recommended to pull it out while the engine is running. Follow all the conditions set out in the attached instructions.

DiabloSport S1000

DiabloSport S1000

The processor under consideration to monitor the activity of cylinders in the engine has a cool design and small size. The manufacturer DiabloSport has created the most easy-to-use and mobile fuel Manager to increase the power of the machine.

The device connects directly to the port under the steering wheel and disables the fuel consumption monitoring system. This way you activate all the cylinders in the engine and your car is always running at full power. This option is relevant for high-speed driving or sprints. It should also be activated when driving when you need to get maximum engine power.

This can be driving uphill, towing a heavy car, or other adverse conditions when driving on rough terrain and dirt roads. 


  • increases the efficiency of the engine
  • does not make changes to the onboard computer programs
  • maximum mobility and ease of connection
  • small size


  • color: black, gray with red indicator
  • OBDII port connection type
  • device weight: approximately 0.8 oz
  • manufacturer’s company: DiabloSport

It is worth noting that when used on new cars from 2019 to 2020, this device also disables the automatic stop or start mode. If we talk about older car models, this controller can be considered as the most successful performance chip for 2006 Chevy Silverado and other not new pickups. 

How do I deactivate the device to return to the factory standard fuel economy mode?

To disable the device and stop its operation, you just need to pull it out of the socket. It is best to do this when the engine is turned off.

Does the device make irreversible changes to the car’s main processor?

In fact, the controller does not make any significant changes and can function without detection. In other words, after removing it, it will be impossible to determine whether it was used in the car.

Power Tune Performance PowerTune156

Power Tune Performance PowerTune156

This processor can increase engine torque and increase the number of horsepower. It also provides a certain shift in the transmission, which increases the lower engine speed. With this car processor, you get extra acceleration. 

According to the tests conducted, the performance chip can increase the engine power and add about 35% of the available horsepower in the car. Acceleration indicators also increase significantly when the module is connected. If you want to get a significant increase in power, you should buy this mobile controller.  


  • increases low engine speed
  • increases acceleration 
  • increases the amount of horsepower
  • quick installation without the need to contact a car mechanic
  • no risk of car warranty expiration
  • a refund if you’re not satisfied with the purchase


  • connection type: OBD port
  • color: black and white body
  • approximate weight of the set is 2.5 ounces
  • the manufacturer’s brand: Power Tune Performance

A significant advantage of using this mobile processor is that it does not affect the customer’s warranty obligations in any way. Its use cannot be detected. The computer chip does not overwrite the stock programs of the onboard computer and is integrated into the operation only when the connection is active. 

Can I use the module with other tuners at the same time?

It’s not necessary at all. The manufacturer recommends using this software tuner separately without any other devices affecting engine performance.

DiabloSport M1000X

DiabloSport M1000X

Cars that are equipped with a fuel economy system can be subjected to better control thanks to the presented car processor. It is known that the stock system for monitoring fuel consumption, depending on the load, can disable the four cylinders of the engine.

This usually happens in one-third of cases. This means the engine automatically switches to economy or active mode depending on the driving conditions and loads. This computer controller allows using economy mode in most cases. It increases the operating time in economy mode using four cylinders by about 80 %.

However, maximum performance mode is also available and is enabled automatically depending on the conditions. If instead of increased power in most cases, you need as much fuel economy as possible, then this device is just what you need. 


  • allows you to save fuel consumption by more than 2 times compared to the factory settings
  • objectively easy connection via standard port
  • maximum fuel economy with good performance 


  • color: grey with green indicator
  • Compatible with machines from 2005 release
  • Connection port: OBDII
  • Device weight: approximately 2 oz
  • Brand of the manufacturer: DiabloSport

This device is not currently permitted in the state of California. Keep this point in mind when purchasing. This fuel consumption control processor is designed for those who strive for maximum economy. 

Why use this processor when the standard economy system works on the same principle?

This device allows you to control the flow rate much more effectively in various driving conditions. You will immediately feel the fuel economy, especially when driving on the track. 

Innovative Performance Chip INV-CHVY-SLVRDO15

Innovative Performance Chip INV-CHVY-SLVRDO15

This is one of the coolest engine optimizers. It has a small size and a simple connection system. The processor makes no changes to the main on-board computer and can be removed at any time with no sign of it being used for this purpose. It increases the engine horsepower by 35 units due to effective control over torque and other features of the engine.

Also, you can use it to get a significant fuel economy. Installation of the device does not require the help of a specialized mechanic; you can connect it yourself in your garage, following the attached instructions. 


  • Increases engine performance by 30 %
  • Does not make permanent changes to the main onboard computer
  • there is a warranty from the manufacturer and a money-back guarantee
  • simple installation procedure
  • using the processor does not deprive you of your car warranty


  • aluminum body
  • anodized coating
  • Package weight: 5 oz
  • Chip maker: Innovative Performance Chips

Many owners of Chevrolet pickups consider this chip the best performance chip for Silverado 1500. It is designed specifically for this series and effectively increases engine power and contributes to lower fuel consumption. The device also increases responsiveness for the throttle valve, and if you have an automatic transmission, you will feel smoother movement and faster acceleration.

Is it possible for this processor to track changes in all indicators on the screen in real-time?

This processor doesn’t have a screen, so you can’t track changes in engine performance.

JET Performance 20710

JET Performance 20710

With this JET Performance processor you can add almost 25 horsepower to your car. This control module is designed specifically to increase engine power. It also allows you to improve the transmission, fuel consumption, and other parameters that affect performance. You can quickly connect the device to the onboard computer by using the basic connector.


  • significant increase in capacity
  • the simplest possible connection procedure
  • allows you to manage a lot of processes that are responsible for performance


  • Approximate weight: 5.5 oz
  • Manufacturer: JET Performance

The manufacturer tests all its devices very carefully, which allows achieving the most balanced power increase. This is a basic device that is used to improve the primary characteristics of the engine. The manufacturer also has an additional module that helps to achieve even better performance in the car. 

How does this module can be connected?

The device does not require professional installation and is easily connected via the standard connector located at the bottom of the steering wheel.

ChipPower 82242293

ChipPower 82242293

The performance chip in question helps you gain control over the operation of your engine. Like many other car processors, it changes the parameters of the transmission, torque, throttle, and fuel supply. The power of the engine increases by about 20 %. It increases the responsiveness of the gas pedal and you will immediately feel the acceleration increase. In terms of efficiency, the processor allows you to achieve savings of 15 % depending on the machine and operating conditions, when compared with a stock engine. 


  • The car becomes more sensitive to the gas pedal
  • Significantly increased power characteristics
  • fuel economy is felt
  • easy installation
  • equipped with an engine protective function
  • does not make changes to the main onboard computer


  • suitable for Chevrolet Silverado 1500 petrol engines
  • OBD2 connector
  • Device manufacturer: ChipPower

Based on the manufacturer’s data, you can increase the performance of your engine by up to 20 %. This is a pretty good indicator among other software controllers that are installed on pickups. Also, this chip allows you to save fuel quite productively. Using this chip, savings of up to 15% can be achieved, depending on the vehicle model. 

What should I do if I can’t do the installation myself?

Installing the processor does not require any special skills. The device is connected via a standard OBD2 connector of the “plug-and-play” type. 

Does the processor affect the on-board computer and is it possible to determine whether it is being used?

The processor does not make radical changes to the basic programs and after disabling it, it is impossible to detect the fact of its use in the system. 


All presented software processors are small light devices that do not make significant changes to the main computer. They only work when they are actively connected, and it is impossible to determine their presence in the engine operation if they are removed. Almost all such devices are connected to the system via the standard OBD2 connector. You can connect and disconnect it as quickly as possible. As soon as you no longer need the engine to work harder, remove the chip and the car will return to factory settings.             

Mobile Silverado tuner on average gives a significant increase in 20-35 horsepower. Fuel economy may not be felt so much, but acceleration and RPM feel immediately. Based on the manufacturers ‘ tests, with the appropriate mode, you can achieve fuel savings of 10% – 20%. These values depend on your car model and the environment in which you operate. 

It makes sense to install such processors when you are often transporting oversized heavy loads, towing other cars, or driving in difficult weather conditions or over impassable terrain. In most other cases, there is no need to load the engine, and consuming more fuel. Processors that reduce fuel consumption are always in demand and are set for driving in urban conditions.  

Frequently asked question

What is the best performance chip for Chevy Silverado?

Good performance car processors are designed specifically to keep the engine running at full power. Any engine has its potential, which is not fully unleashed when using the factory settings. Third-party manufacturers help slightly increase the performance of almost any powerful engine. The best engine performance chip for Silverado allows you to achieve a gain of about 20 %. There are several manufacturers that can offer the best such processors. For example, ChipPower creates complete controllers that are easy to connect and provide significant performance gains. Processors from Innovative Performance Chips and AFe Power also have advanced functionality and give quite flexible control over fuel consumption, throttle valve, and cylinder operation. Chips from these third parties are considered by many to be the best.  

What is the best chip for a 5.3 Chevy?

For a car with such an engine, the most optimal solution is a processor that allows you to disable the fuel-saving mode by stopping several cylinders. Therefore, mobile processors from the company DiabloSport help you disable this feature and achieve maximum functionality. This is a fairly light and compact device that is very easy to connect to the system. You will only need a few seconds to do this since the installation is made through a standard port under the steering wheel of the car. This chip does not make permanent changes to the basic onboard computer. This means that it is not possible to determine whether it is used during mechanical extraction. This approach allows you not to worry that the use of an additional car processor may cancel the main warranty on the car.
Also, the manufacturer has other useful portable chips that improve not only engine power, but also significantly increase fuel economy. DiabloSport allows you to gain full control over the engine cylinders and thus regulate power, acceleration, and fuel consumption. These processors are best placed if you mean operating the machine in difficult conditions. This can be riding in a mountainous area or outside the city, towing, or high-speed riding. 

Do performance chips for a 5.3 Chevy really work?

There is no doubt about the efficiency of processors that improve engine performance today. Third-party manufacturers have learned to create really working algorithms, which, of course, do not double, but significantly change the performance of the machine. Any program controller for the car allows you to influence the emission of fuel, cylinder operation, and responsiveness of the gas pedal. With their help, the torque is increased at low speeds, and the engine increases its power. 
Of course, when choosing a software module for a pickup truck, you should take into account its cost, functions, and compatibility with your car model. The optional car processor will not work correctly if it is not compatible with your engine. For this reason, do not forget to make sure that it is suitable for use with your car and engine. Only in this case, you will immediately feel that the chip really improves the performance of the system. When using an additional chip, the engine gets the necessary amount of fuel, accelerates the car faster, and the control becomes more responsive.     

What is the best performance programmer?

If we talk about the best devices for controlling the basic fuel economy system on Chevy cars, the best in their segment are software controllers from DiabloSport and Range Technology. They allow you to activate 100% of the engine’s potential and make it run at full power regardless of conditions. Of course, this is not always profitable, but you can only use such a device if necessary. If you do not need the increased power at this time, you can remove the software chip and its operation will be suspended. These mobile processors are very convenient and versatile.
A more advanced processor allows even more subtle use of the engine’s potential. Probably the best performing software processor for cars is the device from AFe Power. It allows you to use the engine in several driving modes depending on your current situation. In sports mode, the engine speed and fuel consumption increase significantly, which gives a strong increase in performance. If you need a more economical mode, it is also available there. You can control the processor with a single button, and the connection does not require any special skills.

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