Best Coolant for 6.0 Powerstroke

Your car can be in any weather conditions and it still needs to be operable. To make it happen, there is such thing as coolant (or antifreeze), and it kept in a special tank, so it forms a whole system in the car.

List & Comparison of the Best Coolant Filter for 6.0 Powerstroke:

Sinister Diesel SD-COOLFIL-6.0-WSinister Diesel SD-COOLFIL-6.0-W2003-2007Coolant SystemView on Amazon
Mishimoto MMCFK-F2D-03BLMishimoto MMCFK-F2D-03BL2003-2007Coolant KitView on Amazon
Sinister Diesel SD-COOLFIL-6.0-WSinister Diesel SD-COOLFIL-6.0-W with All Hardware2003-2007Coolant KitView on Amazon
XDP 6.0L Coolant Filtration SystemXDP 6.0L Coolant Filtration System2003-2007Coolant SystemView on Amazon
Sinister Diesel SD-COOLFIL-6.0-CSinister Diesel SD-COOLFIL-6.0-C2003-2007Coolant SystemView on Amazon
BD Diesel 1032121BD Diesel 10321212003-2007Coolant SystemView on Amazon

This mixture keeps your inner fluids in the right condition, saving their viscosity in the cold weather and cool down your engine when it’s hot, taking the heat from it and disperse it via the radiator.

Merely, the coolant is a mix of propylene glycol (or ethylene) and water. Usually, it’s ratio is 50/50.

Review of the Best Coolant Filter for 6.0 Powerstroke

🥇 Sinister Diesel SD-COOLFIL-6.0-W Coolant Filtration System

This brand is a true leader among high-quality inner parts for cars. This particular coolant kit was made to satisfy all the requirements for being able to provide appropriate service for diesel engines. It fits all Powerstroke 6.0 Ford cars by 2003-2007 years.


  • The Filter Block is CNC Machined from Solid Billet 6061 Aluminum
  • High Strength, Abrasion Resistant Silicon Hoses
  • Extends the life of your Water Pump, Oil Cooler, and EGR Cooler
  • Maintains optimal coolant flow as this is a bypass filtration kit

🥇 Mishimoto MMCFK-F2D-03BL 03-07 Ford 6.0L Powerstroke Engine Coolant Filter Kit

Another option for those, who want to have the analog option to the previous coolant. It has the same features and properties but executed in a bit different form. This was made to ease the process of installation of the coolant if the user willing to do it on his own.


  • Direct fit for the 2003–2007 Ford 6.0L Powerstroke
  • Filters solid particles from coolant and installs in under 45 minutes
  • One-piece application-specific silicone hoses
  • 6061 anodized aluminum filter mount and includes Wix coolant filter

🥇 Coolant Filtration System by Sinister Diesel with all Hardware

The key to the success in this coolant system is hidden in its compatible use with the rest of a set. Being designed to come as one pack and work together, this set has one huge advantage, compared to other ones.

It was made specifically for resisting the abrasive particles to prevent their negative effects on the engine. Thus, they are supplied in one set with the filter from Wix, which is made specifically to prevent damage to the engine.


  • Upgraded with CAT Coolant Filter
  • CNC Machined Billet Aluminum Filter Block
  • Silicone Hoses
  • No drilling required: Mounting bracket installs into factory holes

🥇 XDP 6.0L Coolant Filtration System

This is a very good analog to the previous item but from another manufacturer. They concentrated all efforts to make this coolant protect your inner systems, such as water pump, EGR cooler, and other vital components.

The only difference here is that they compatible with the stock hoses in your car, making the process of exchanging the coolant a bit easier by eliminating the problem of picking the hoses.


  • Ball Valve Shut-Offs Included
  • No Cutting Of Factory Hoses
  • All Hardware Included For A Simple Install
  • Anodized & Engraved Billet Aluminum Filter Base

🥇 Sinister Diesel SD-COOLFIL-6.0-C Coolant Filtration System

A very good option for those drivers, whose main priority is the performance of their diesel engine. It reflected in their features, such as the duration of the engine and its protection from solid particles during all the term of work.


  • Designed to deliver trouble-free, consistent performance
  • Right for your vehicle and lifestyle
  • Made from high-quality materials for ultimate durability
  • Manufactured to meet or exceed strict quality requirements

🥇 BD Diesel 1032121 Coolant Filter

This kit for coolant has the top quality, which defines its popularity. The main feature in this set is its full equipment of supplies, such as hoses, fittings, etc. They all were designed as one system, so the quality of each one is outstanding.

Having such a system under the hood will provide appropriate protection and an engine lifetime duration.


  • Prevent oil cooler blockage causing engine damage
  • Easily installed mounts in-line with the engine coolant hoses
  • Comes with filter head, spin-on filter, mounting bracket, hoses, clamps, fittings, mounting hardware
  • Bypass valve for easy change of filter
  • Non-proprietary Donaldson P554685 filter


How do You Install a Sinister Diesel Coolant Filter?

First of all, it is important to remember that the coolant filter from Sinister Diesel comes in one pack with the Wix filter, which is irreplaceable.

They are well-compatible with each other and provide a nice service to your car for a long time. To install the coolant filter to your car, you need to assemble all required parts before mantling it into your car.

You can always find an instruction on how to do it on the Internet, in case if it didn’t come in the pack with your coolant. There you will see what to do and in which order.

After that, you can proceed to the installation of it in your car. Remember, that it needs to be on the passenger side of your vehicle, on the left from the radiator. Next, you need to remove the nut stud with the 10mm deep socket.

Now insert stud through the face of the coolant ­filter bracket and bolt unit on. Next thing you need to rout the hoses: from the right hand of the filter to the upper radiator bleed line and from the rear side of the filter over the aluminum charge pipe, around the engine oil fill tube.

Finally, you can install the filter itself and fill it with the fluid according to your car’s specifications.

That’s it! Start your car and run the test, you will check if everything is OK.

What does a Coolant Filtration System Do?

Without coolant, the heat generated by constant internal combustion very quickly destroys the engine. Only water is not enough to keep the system cool.

High temperatures inside the engine can cause “boiling” of it because after some time the water in the system will completely evaporate. On the contrary, in very cold weather, the water freezes when the car is idle, which makes such a cooling system useless.

This is why the engine needs to have coolant. This fluid will keep your car in a good condition in cold and hot weather, keeping the cooling properties inoperable state.

Your car’s engine generates a lot of heat during operation and must be constantly cooled to avoid damage. The cooling system in your car works by supplying coolant through the channels in the engine block and head.

As the coolant passes through these channels, it draws heat from the engine. The fluid then passes through a silicon hose to the radiator in front of the car. Once the fluid cools, it returns to the engine to repeat the cycle.

A special pump supports the movement of fluid through the entire system.

Also, working along with the filter, the coolant prevents a negative effect on the engine by solid microparticles, holding it inside and not letting it to scratch or accumulate in the engine or other systems.


The significance of the coolant is vital. It’s not an over-exaggeration to say that the whole operation of the engine relies on this system in different weather conditions.

Therefore, you need to keep it in the perfect condition, as it protects your car from malfunction and let it serve you well during all the term of life. Always check it once a year and perform maintenance work if needed.

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