Top Air Filters for Ram 1500

The car is a complex mechanism and has dozens of different subsystems that are needed to support overall condition, just like a human body.

Following this logic, the air filter in the car is some sort of lungs that don’t let all negative particles to infiltrate the engine. Everyday cars are exposed to different types of roads and the environment.

Imagine what will happen to the engine if it will be full of those particles. In order to not dive into all the details, I will say that the engine will simply go bad and you will need to clean it out from the pollution.

This will wear it off pretty quick and soon it won’t be reparable. This is why the air filter is so important. Here is the list of the top air filters that can be found specifically for Dodge RAM 1500.

List & Comparison of the Best Air Filter for Ram 1500:

K&N 33-2247K&N 33-22472002-2019Dry, washable and reusableView on Amazon
FRAM TGA9401FRAM TGA94012002-2019Flexible Air PanelView on Amazon
AEM 28-20247AEM 28-202472002-2019Dry, washable and reusableView on Amazon
Spectre Performance HPR9401Spectre Performance HPR94012002-2019Oiled, washable and reusableView on Amazon
ECOGARD XA3462ECOGARD XA34622002-2017Flexible Air PanelView on Amazon
FRAM CA3901FRAM CA39011994-2001Flexible Air PanelView on Amazon
Spectre Performance HPR3901Spectre Performance HPR39011994-2001Oiled, washable and reusableView on Amazon
POTAUTO MAP 6016POTAUTO MAP 60162002-2019Flexible Air PanelView on Amazon

Review of the Best Air Filter for Ram 1500:

🥇 K&N Engine Air Filters for Ram 1500

This is a very popular brand among air filter manufacturers. Many drivers know that this particular company targets not only for protection but the performance too.

It reflects in the features of the product itself and shows, that such popularity has all the reasons.

According to the manufacturer, the answer is YES!


  • designed to boost horsepower and rate of acceleration;
  • can be cleaned and used again;
  • high airflow with exceptional filtration;
  • lasts up to 50,000 miles before cleaning is required depending on driving conditions;
  • works with original equipment manufacturer vehicle electronics

🥇 FRAM TGA9401 Air Filters for Ram 1500

The signature card of this air filter is hidden in the title – it’s flexible. However, the protection from tiny particles is not the only purpose of this product.

The secondary mission of it is to decrease the negative effect on the engine from the gases. So, it means that this one was designed especially for customers, who live in the city and uses a car for the major part of the time in there.


  • pre-oiled media captures smaller dirt and dust particles when driving in dirty, dusty conditions compared to traditional paper filters that are dry and only capture larger particles;
  • greater durability – filter screen extends into urethane to provide greater integrity and reduced likelihood of collapse and tearing in tough driving conditions;
  • better overall engine performance – pleat lock glue bead feature allows for pleats to “lock” into place for consistent airflow and less restriction;
  • 12,000-mile change intervals help prevent decreased acceleration and horsepower while helping improve overall performance;
  • traps and holds double the dirt of entry-level air filters

🥇 AEM 28-20247 DryFlow Air Filters for Ram 1500

Another air filter, that not only prevents the early death of the engine but also unleashes its full power. For that reason, I usually prefer to buy such types of air filters instead of a regular one, with only protection features, especially when it comes to the same price as their analogs.


  • designed to increase horsepower and throttle response;
  • AEM air filters are cleanable and guaranteed for the life of your vehicle;
  • captures up to 99% of harmful contaminants;
  • outstanding performance even in dusty racing conditions;
  • manufactured in the USA

🥇 Spectre Performance HPR9401 Air Filters for Ram 1500

A true champion among the paper filters. Due to its structure and special production technology, this product is a very good option for the segment of paper filters.

A low budget compensates for the fact that there is an opportunity for changing this filter in the future. Sometimes, people don’t really know what to pick and often hesitate.

This product is intended to solve this problem and make drivers sure that in case of satisfaction with this product, they always can come back and buy another one.


  • engineered to outperform ordinary paper filters;
  • factory pre-oiled and ready to use;
  • designed for easy installation with OE fit;
  • made with pre-dyed media for lasting color

🥇 ECOGARD XA3462 Premium Engine Air Filters for Ram 1500

The main advantage of this one is its remarkable compatibility with lots of Dodge RAM models all the way from 1500 up to 5500. Of course, you always have to refer the manual guide to be sure that the new air filter you want to buy will fit your car.

However, this model was designed especially for the Dodge RAM series, so the majority of RAM owners will be satisfied with it.


  • improves performance by changing a vehicle’s air filter at least every 12,000 miles (or as recommended in your car owner’s manual); to ensure your vehicle’s engine has the clean and efficient airflow it needs for fast acceleration and long term power;
  • avoid increased engine wear caused by dirty air intake filters that may allow damaging particles to get into the engine;
  • factory fit for easy installation. replaces: FRAM ca9401 Purolator a35462 Wix 42725 OE 53032404 aa;
  • specifically engineered and tested for dodge, ram, dodge, ram, dodge, ram OE (original equipment) engine air filter’s fit, form, and function.

🥇 FRAM CA3901 Air Filters for Ram 1500

Being one of the best at its segment, this air filter provides extra protection for the car and can last for 12,000 miles. This is a very good number for this price tier, especially with such a vast variety of features besides duration.

While other analogs aim to the universality, this one designed specifically for its purposes and able to find its customers all over the US.


  • provides 2x the engine protection;
  • a clean air filter improves airflow and prevents dirt and dust from entering the engine;
  • on-pack directions and illustrations provide clear installation instructions;
  • follow recommended change intervals as noted in your vehicle owner’s manual;
  • 12,000-mile change intervals help prevent decreased acceleration and horsepower while helping improve overall performance

🥇 Spectre Performance HPR3901 Air Filters for Ram 1500

The niche of this one is simplicity. After buying this one, all you need to do is install it in your car and you don’t have to ask a specialist for it. This air filter comes with the manual guide, so there will be no problem to deal with it. Also, it has a nice price for such a product.


  • OE replacement air filter;
  • high flow replacement filter designed to fit perfectly in your stock airbox;
  • engineered for increased flow and greater performance;
  • fits multiple Dodge, Jeep & Mitsubishi applications;
  • factory pre-oiled and ready to use

🥇 POTAUTO MAP 6016 (CA9401) Engine Air Filters for Ram 1500

Looking at all the features that this air filter provides, I can say that its usefulness is almost at the level of performance chips. Designed to be protective measures in the first place, this product helps the driver to get the maximum performance from the engine.

Sounds reasonable: if you’re protected, then you can do a little more than default settings allow.


  • competitor cross reference part numbers;
  • a clean air filter improves airflow and prevents dirt and dust from entering the engine. improve fuel mileage & protect engine;
  • change intervals help prevent decreased acceleration and horsepower while helping improve overall performance


How do You Change the Air Filter on a Dodge Ram 1500?

When you finally bought the air filter that fits your car, the next thing is to set it up. To do so, open the hood and find the airbag area, it should be on the passenger side of the engine.

Unhook the lid of the airbag (it should be 4 hooks total) and take off the lid itself. Now you have full access to the air filter and you can simply take it out and place a new one instead.

Next, latch the clips of the airbag to seal the lid. Watch it be lined up with the slots you can see at the rear area of the lid. Now you’re done, everything is good to go. As you can see, the process of replacing the air filter is pretty simple.

When Should I Change Air Filter on Ram 1500?

First of all, the term of usage of such a product as the air filter is quite relative. It’s always about the mileage. Every air filter is intended for a certain amount of miles, which is shown in the manual that should come in one pack with the air filter itself.

For example, some air filters can last for 12,000 miles. If your daily conditions are permanent and you always in one place, then this rule works well for the air filter.

However, if you have to leave the city sometimes, the conditions can change and then you expose your car and filter in particular to a whole other environment. Then you should perform the check once a year just to be sure.

That’s it. Stick to these simple rules and don’t forget to check your car overall from time to time. The car will serve you well while you serve well for your car!

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