Top 7 Air Filters for Chevy Silverado in 2022

Your Chevy Silverado was designed for many heavy-duty tasks. It can probably outperform most vehicles if you know how to treat it right. The key is to take proper care of the engine.

List & Comparison of the Best Air Filters for Chevy Silverado:

K&N 33-2129 K&N 33-2129ReusableOilView on Amazon
ECOGARD XA5314 ECOGARD XA5314DisposableDryView on Amazon
EPAuto GP755 FP-011-1 EPAuto GP755 FP-011-1WashableDryView on Amazon
FRAM CA8756 FRAM CA8756DisposableDryView on Amazon
ACDelco A3181CF ACDelco A3181CFDisposableDryView on Amazon
Purolator A45314 Purolator A45314ParticulateDryView on Amazon
Green Filter 2006 Green Filter 2006ParticulateDryView on Amazon

If you don’t replace your engine air filter in time, driving will eventually become more difficult, not to mention the resulting damages that can be expensive to fix.

But why does your engine need an air filter? Most engines work on the principle of the internal combustion. To provide enough oxygen for this process to happen, your engine needs a constant supply of air.

While any air can do the job in theory, not all air quality is good for the health of your car.

To keep your truck running for a long time, you need to make sure it only gets the purest air possible. And the job of the air filter is to provide clean air intake for the combustion chamber.

Polluted air, dirt, dust, even bugs, reduce your truck’s efficiency on many levels. So the first step to improving the performance of your Silverado is to find the right filter.

Review of the Best Air Filter for Chevy Silverado:

K&N 33-2129 — High Performance Air Filter for Chevy Silverado

K&N 33-2129

K&N filters have been the preferred choice of many truck owners for over thirty years. The main benefit is the filter’s ability to increase the power and acceleration of your Chevy engine by providing almost unrestricted airflow.

The design is simple yet effective, featuring two layers of aluminum wire that hold several pleated sheets of cotton-gauze. This helps supply sufficient airflow to your engine while blocking any dust and debris.

This filter also required oil, improving the purity of the delivered air. High-quality filtration can also help you save on fuel expenses.


  • Washable and reusable cotton-gauze media
  • Extra clean air flow to improve your horsepower
  • Increases mileage between cleanings up to 50,000 miles
  • Eco friendly design cuts down on waste
  • Can have fuel saving benefits

ECOGARD XA5314 — Premium Engine Air Filter for Chevy Silverado


The XA5314 filter was engineered for an ideal fit with the original Chevrolet engines. It works well with the original filter that initially came with your car as well.

ECOGARD filters give you 12,000 miles before they need changing, at the same time providing anti-wear properties and improving overall engine performance.

ECOGARD filters are also easy to install on your own, so if you look to save time and money by skipping on a visit to the dealership, this filter may be a good choice for your Chevy.


  • Improves acceleration and engine performance
  • Doubles filtration quality with the help of extra media material
  • Functions at top efficiency with heavy duty driving
  • Designed for original GMC engines
  • Affordable and easy to replace

EPAuto GP755 FP-011-1 — Air Filter for Chevy Silverado

EPAuto GP755 FP-011-1

One of the top-selling panel engine filters, this EPAuto model can provide a good balance of high performance, protection from dirt, and increased mileage.

This filter is also suited for optimal function with the original air filter of your Silverado, so if you’re looking for a filter with perfect alignment to fuel economy ratio, this one could be a good fit for your truck.

EPAauto filters are easy to work with, so even if you aren’t familiar with the replacement process, installing this filter will not be a problem. The manufacturer recommends replacing this type of filter every 12,000 miles.


  • Sufficient protection from pollutants
  • Fuel economy and higher mileage
  • Great replacement compatibility with your OE filter
  • User-friendly and cost-effective

FRAM CA8756 — Air Filter for Chevy Silverado


Like other models from this manufacturer, this FRAM filter comes with an improved design that provides higher levels of protection. Special filter media almost doubles the filter’s cleaning effects compared to conventional filters.

FRAM filters are easy to deal with, and you can install them yourself by following the directions on the pack. The recommended change interval for these filters is also 12,000 miles.


  • Reasonable prices for advanced quality
  • Protection from dust and debris increased by two times
  • Simple installation process

ACDelco A3181CF — Air Filter for Chevy Silverado

ACDelco A3181CF

This filter is in the top GM-recommended replacement models for your original filters. ACDelco is owned by GM and designed to function at best efficiency with GM engines, so if your main priority is finding the best levels of compatibility with your Silverado, this filter may be ideal for you.

The filtration in this model is said to supply your engine with cleaner air while minimizing airflow restriction to prolong engine life.

This type of ACDelco filter usually fits snugly on top of your engine which can prevent unwanted particles and unfiltered air from entering the combustion chamber.


  • Benefits for engine life
  • Superior flow management
  • Improved implementation for easier use
  • Reduced effects of wearing
  • High compatibility with Silverado engines

Purolator A45314 — Air Filters for Chevy Silverado

Purolator A45314

The Purolator panel air filter uses special media of high fiber count and density to protect your engine from incoming dust and dirt particles. The filtering process of this model is said to be highly effective due to its ability to trap up to 97% of contaminants.

This can improve the acceleration of your Chevy by 11% largely due to the maximized airflow. This is made possible by the inclusion of special gaskets that ensure a tighter fit and allow only the filtered air to get inside the engine.

If you also want to prolong the lifespan of your engine, this filter might help by offering considerable oil cleaning properties. Purolator filters also need to be changed every 12,000 miles to keep your fuel intake consistent.


  • Reduces the amount of pollutants
  • Prevents engine damage
  • Boosts lifespan, keeping the oil clean
  • Ensures best fit by providing proper air intake

Green Filter 2006 — Air Filter for Chevy Silverado

Green Filter 2006

Green Filter will suit Chevy drivers looking for reusable and eco-friendly filters designed specifically for Silverado trucks of 1500, 2500, and 3500 makes.

Green Filters can be extremely effective on the micro-scale with their ability to filter contaminants of small sizes that go as far as five microns.

It’s made of oiled cotton-gauze and can be washed for further use. Green Filters can greatly improve mileage, engine power, and torque (within the given RPM parameters of your Chevy model).

If you don’t want to lose out on the filtration quality at the expense of airflow volume, this filter might be what you need.


  • Perfect dimensions for any Silverado model
  • Greater air intake with no downside in filtration
  • Ensures extra engine power
  • Improves gas mileage

Once you narrow down your options, when is the right time to change your filter? Should you do it yourself? Here are a few things for you to consider.


How do I know if my air filter is bad?

The signs of a filter gone bad are fairly easy to spot. Clogged filters, as well as new but unfit models, can result in the drop of your engine power, poor levels of acceleration and weak throttle response.

It can cause trouble with ignition itself. If you feel that your engine is slow to start or your gas mileage is suffering, this can be a consequence of a dirty air filter.

You will know it’s time to look at your filter if you suddenly start requiring too much gas (and too often) compared to what you are normally used to.

How do I change the air filter in my Silverado?

For Chevy drivers who rarely deal with actual repair problems, the prospect of replacing the air filter might seem intimidating. But the good news is, changing your filter is quite an accessible task that anyone can do at home by simply following a set of instructions.

  1. Equip yourself with an 8mm socket and a regular screwdriver.
  2. Open the hood and find your filter box; it’s usually black and sits right on top of the engine.
  3. Unscrew the four bolts that keep the old filter in place.
  4. Open the box and remove the old filter: if it’s a paper one, feel free to throw it out; if it’s a high-performance filter, you can wash it and put it back in; oil filters also need a good oiling.
  5. If you plan to install a new filter entirely, simply put it the place of the old ones with the fibers facing down.
  6. Tightly screw the lid of the box back on.

In case you need to clean a high-performance filter, you should purchase an air filter cleaning kit or restoration kit with the filter itself. The kit and filter match since every brand must be designed to work best with their respective filter models.

Most cleaning kits include cleaning solution and air filter oil. Once you remove your filter, follow these easy steps:

  1. Tap the filter out to get rid of dust and other particles.
  2. Apply cleaning solution liberally. First on the outside, then on the inside. Make sure the solution soaks the filter properly.
  3. Place the filter in a bowl or basin and leave it for ten minutes or so to let cleaning agents work on the fibers.
  4. Then hose it down or run under a faucet, but be careful to use only low water pressure. You should wash off all traces of the solution.
  5. Once clean, shake off the excess water and place the filter in a bowl or basin for about fifteen minutes to let it dry completely.
  6. Now it’s time to oil it. Apply the oil evenly and generously: make sure to get it inside every tiny crevice but don’t apply too much to allow better airflow.
  7. Wipe any excess oil from the outside of your filter. Leave it alone for twenty minutes to let filter absorb the oil.
  8. Place the filter back in the filter box.

Yes, it’s that easy. Try doing it yourself next time you need to replace or clean your filter.

Will a new air filter improve performance?

New air filters come with several benefits, from better fuel efficiency to engine lifespan and reduced emissions. It’s important to change your filter not only for better performance but also to ensure the overall health of your engine.

If you neglect to clean your filter or skip on replacements, it can lead to weaker engine power and even damage your emission control system.

In Conclusion

Types of Engine Air Filters

If you are ready to choose an engine air filter for your Chevy but still feel lost, a good place to start is to learn about the basic kinds of air filters. Take a look at the three main types:

  • Paper engine air filters. They are the most common and affordable. Your Silverado most likely came with a paper filter when you bought it. These filters are not washable and should be disposed of after a single usage. Recommended change intervals vary between 15,000 and 30,000 miles depending on the brand and your driving conditions;
  • Non-oiled performance filters. Most performance filters are more expensive than paper alternatives, but they will also last longer. Instead of paper, they use cotton-gauze which makes them washable and replaceable. As the name suggests, non-oiled filters don’t need an extra layer of oil for filtration;
  • Oiled performance filters. These function virtually in the same way as the non-oiled types but require thorough oiling when you clean them. The layer of oil is meant to collect the contaminant particles that the cotton-gauze might not catch.

But which type of filter would suit your truck best? It depends on how much mileage you put out as well as your driving conditions. If you do a lot of heavy-duty outback driving, the best choice for you might be a high-performance oil filter.

Alternatively, if you are a calm driver in predominantly moderate road conditions, then low-cost paper filters will work just fine.

If you can’t decide on the right model, the following list of top air filters for your Chevrolet Silverado can help.

Please note that all California residents are recommended to read about Proposition 65 before installing any of the filters mentioned above.

At this point, it becomes clear that taking care of your engine air filter matters for the quality performance of your car.

After all, you can’t unleash the full horsepower of your Silverado until you properly equip your engine, including this vital part of its system. Filters protect your engine and can even save you gas expenses.

So if you want to get the most out of your Chevy, consider making some useful investments to ensure proper filtration and ventilation of your engine with a good air filter.

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