The Best Battery for Subaru Outback in 2022

Having a car allows you to have a great time while you are out on the road as you get to enjoy tons of entertainment as well as navigation facilities.

What’s more, the car can keep you warm or cold, depending on the conditions you would like to enjoy as you make your journey from one point to the other.

The exciting thing is that none of this is possible without a source of power, and this is none other than the battery. Batteries work by storing charges which they then use to power the car.

Thus, each time you ignite the engine or light a cigarette or listen to music, you are using the battery. When you think about it like this, you can see how important it is to have a good battery in your car.

Getting a battery is a process that requires a lot of thought. You have the option of getting one at a low price, and this could work against you one day, leaving you stranded in the middle of nowhere.

It is at such a point that you would wish that you had taken the time to analyze the batteries on the market. Sure, you could save a couple of bucks in the initial purchase, but at what cost? That’s not to say though that all the good batteries come at a hefty price.

Again, price should not be the leading determinant when making this decision. You could get a costly battery only to find that you paid a lot for nothing. Thus, leave the price as the last factor to consider once you have looked at all the other considerations.

List & Comparison of the Best Batteries for Subaru Outback:

Optima 8025-160 Optima 8025-160720 amps90 minutesView on Amazon
Odyssey 35-PC1400T Odyssey 35-PC1400T680 amps130 minutesView on Amazon
XS Power D1200XS Power D1200680 amps80 minutesView on Amazon
Delphi BU9075DT Delphi BU9075DT680 amps100 minutesView on Amazon
Mighty Max Battery YTX14-BS Mighty Max Battery YTX14-BS200 AmpN/AView on Amazon
Optima 8040-218 Optima Batteries 8040-218620 Amp98 MinutesView on Amazon

Finding a Battery for Subaru Outback

There are tons of options on the market, and this is both a good and a bad thing. On the upside, it works in your favor in that you have a lot of options, and you do not have to narrow down your search owing to limitations in the market.

On the downside, it works against you as you have very many options to work with and choosing the right one can be overwhelming.

We have made the search easier for you by recommending some of the best options in the market at present as well as outlining their features. Thus, you can go straight to the table and see what could work for you before heading down to the considerations:

Review of the Best Batteries for Subaru Outback:

Optima 8025-160 — Best Replacement Battery for 2015-2017 Subaru Outback

Optima 8025-160

This is the best replacement battery for 2015-2017 Subaru Outback that features optimal starting power even when operating in adverse weather conditions, and it is fifteen times more resistant to vibration, which assures you of durability.

It features optimal strength that enables it to deliver an intense burst of power, which ensures you get a reliable start-up each time, and you will not worry about breakdowns as a result.

Product Features

  • 12 volts
  • 720 cold-cranking amps
  • 39.5-pound weight
  • Optimal starting power
  • -0.003 internal resistance


  • Constant performance
  • Long-lasting
  • Works in bad weather
  • Resistant to vibrations
  • Mountable in any position

Odyssey 35-PC1400T — Best Battery for 2010 3.6 AWD Subaru Outback

Odyssey 35-PC1400T

The thing that stands out with this battery is the extended service life, which ranges anywhere from three to ten years. You are thus able to save time you would have spent shopping for a new battery as well as the costs you would have incurred.

It can recharge to a hundred percent within four to six hours, which is quite fast as compared to other batteries in the market. What’s more, it is tolerant of extreme temperatures, allowing you to use it in both cold and humid regions.

Product Features

  • 850 cold crank amp
  • 3-10 years of service life
  • 4-6 hour recharge period
  • Non-spillage design


  • Long service life
  • Recharge efficiency
  • Mountable in many positions
  • Resistant to vibrations
  • Temperature tolerant

XS Power D1200 — Battery for Subaru Outback

DieHard 38188

While this battery is designed with the 210 Subaru Outback in mind, it also fits a variety of other vehicles. It is a powerful battery preferred by most enthusiasts of sports cars. You will fall in love with its highly responsive characteristic as it quickly starts your Outback at any temperatures.

The square-shaped battery is easy to install from any position. Thus, you don’t need a technician to help you make the replacement. While it comes with a 44 ampere-hours capacity, you will notice that the battery will slowly lose its charge. You shouldn’t fret about it as it only takes you 80 minutes to recharge it.

Product Features

  • Recharges in 80 minutes
  • 725 low-temperature starting index
  • AGM battery type
  • Weighs 34 pounds
  • 44-amp hour capacity
  • 12-volt battery


  • A reliable fiberglass protection
  • Square-shaped for quick installation
  • Ideal for Subaru Outback and other vehicles
  • Vibration resistant
  • Sealed and spill-proof

Delphi BU9075DT — Battery for Subaru Outback

Delphi BU9075DT

This battery features extended cold-cranking amps, which makes it ideal for use in cold regions as well as in situations with high demands, such as in sophisticated electronics. It can perform optimally in harsh conditions, and you will appreciate its resistance to vibration and the enhanced corrosion resistance.

Product Features

  • Group 75DT battery
  • RC of 100
  • CCR of 680
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Extended cold-cranking amps


  • Optimal performance
  • Works in extreme conditions
  • Resistant to vibrations
  • Long-lasting build
  • Fast recharging periods

Mighty Max Battery YTX14-BS — Battery for Subaru Outback

Mighty Max Battery YTX14-BS

The YTX14-BS 12V 12AH 200 CCA SLA Battery from Mighty Max Battery is able to provide striking performance and exceptional durability, along with long life in a wide range of cold and hot temperatures. Moreover, this replacement battery more than affordable, so if you’re looking for a high-quality, rechargeable, sealed, lead-acid battery for your Honda ATV (TRX300 TRX350 TRX400 TRX420 models), this one is a great choice to keep your mind at peace in terms of your energy output. Apart from its great performance, this lightweight battery also offers outstanding shock and vibration resistance, a high discharge rate, plus, it can be easily mounted in several positions. It is delivered fully pre-charged and factory-sealed in a safe package and requires absolutely no maintenance. The YTX14-BS is ready to provide incredible cranking power to start your motorcycle or ATV so you can concentrate on your ride. This thing really works!

Product Features

  • Brand – Mighty Max Battery
  • Model – YTX14-BS
  • Voltage, Amp Hour, CCA – 12V, 12Ah, 200 Amp
  • Dimensions – 6″(L) x 3.44″(W) x 5.75″(H)
  • Weight – 9.92 lbs
  • Polarity – + | –
  • Vehicle Fitment – Honda TRX300 TRX350 TRX400 TRX420
  • Set includes battery and screws only


  • Rechargeable high-performance battery
  • Shock and vibration resistance
  • Can be mounted in multiple positions
  • Long-lasting life in high/low temperatures
  • SLA/AGM spill-proof battery
  • Fast recharging
  • Deep discharge recover
  • Easy to install
  • Requires no maintenance

Optima Batteries 8040-218 — Battery for Subaru Outback


If you are looking for a reliable replacement battery to mount instead of your regular unit, this dual-purpose, deep cycle unit from Optima Batteries is ready to feed your electronics and crank out enough juice to provide the best long-lasting service. You can expect up to 3x longer battery life, as well as 15x better vibration and shock resistance. The Optima D35 YellowTop battery can also boast with outstanding spill-proof ability, deep-cycling capability, and versatile mounting applications – you can easily install it any way you want! It also needs virtually no maintenance and can be recharged very fast, which highly beneficial when it comes to storing – you don’t have to regularly charge the battery during winters. No matter if your car has a lot of factory electronic accessories, e.g. advanced stereo sound systems, power-sliding doors, high-tech headlights, or hydraulics, this battery can handle it all! It has a unique SpiralCell design and polypropylene housing for extra durability, safety, and clean power supply. 

SpProduct Features

  • Brand – Optima Batteries
  • Model – OPT8040-218 (D35)
  • Voltage, Amp Hour, CCA – 12V, 48Ah, 620 Amp
  • Dimensions – 9.4″(L) x 6.75″(W) x 7.8″(H)
  • Weight – 36.4 lbs
  • Case Material – Polypropylene
  • Post Type – SAE Post


  • Deep-cycle and outstanding power
  • Spillproof battery
  • 3x longer life compared to similar batteries in the range
  • High vibration resistance
  • Can be mounted in any position
  • Requires no maintenance
  • Fast recharging
  • Optimal starting power


We stated that price is not the first thing that you should look at and getting a bargain should be the icing on the cake; once a battery proves to be of value.

Manual Review

The first thing you should do is to look at your manual and understand what would work for your car. The typical starting conditions are thirty-two degrees Fahrenheit on average, and you should look for batteries that feature high cranking amps in these conditions.

Anything from 800 is a good idea. However, if you get a battery with a lower figure but one that has promise, you can get it.

As you review the manual, remember to look into the warranty of the battery you have in mind. Some will last six months while others will give you service for as many as five years without fail. What will your pick be?

The CCA Specs

The region in which you live will guide your decision in this regard. Where you live in a cold area, getting a battery with a high CCA is advisable. Where you live in a warm region, this will not be much of an issue.


When choosing a battery, it is advisable that you get one that is less than six months old and you can tell how old a battery is by checking the date stamp. In this way, you will be unlikely to deal with breakdowns in the future.


How much is a battery for a Subaru Outback?

This question is widely relative as it will depend on what brand you get, when and where. Keep in mind that though you could get one from a Subaru dealer, you will end up parting with a lot of cash as they will also charge you for the advice.

Getting one in a superstore is also a great idea, save for the fact that you will not get installation services. Watch out for discounts and sales, and you are sure to get a good battery at a reasonable price.

How do you remove the battery from a Subaru Outback?

The removal process will not vary much from one battery to the other, and it involves removing the terminals, cleaning them and reconnecting them.

How long do Subaru batteries last?

The longevity of your battery will depend on the prevailing conditions. Where the humidity is low, and you take good care of your battery, it can last as long as six years.

Should I change my car battery?

Most batteries last three years on average before it is time for a replacement, but this largely depends on the brand as some may continue working for six years. You can determine the need for a change by looking into your car’s electrical system’s ability to respond in record time and the age of your vehicle.

You can then gauge the need for a change or not.


If you get a good battery from the start and you follow through with adequate care practices, it should be a long time before you make your way to the store.

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