I got the idea for content writing after trying to source for various aftermarket components and realized that there were not enough reliable comparative sources. So instead of making you suffer from extended searches and hours of reading, I came up with a focused comparative method for presenting car components.

I am not an expert in all things automotive; my niche areas are dedicated to transmission systems and some electronics, however, having over 10 years’ experience in all things car, I do have an understanding of most parts.
Today, the world is constantly evolving, and the car industry is one sector that leads the way in innovation and reform, so take into consideration that an article can come out with a model that was recently replaced with a newer one, I will get to the new one asap too.


Started as a mechanic, and advanced to managing three mechanic as well as the ODBII department. Eventually opened my shop which is an aftermarket upgrade shop, or what you would call a “pimp my ride” shop. I dedicate myself and my team to providing you with the latest and best options for upgrading your vehicle into whatever desire or beast of choice you choose.

I maintain firm control over records, invested in a comprehensive ERP system with CRM and now have a hands-on, face to face service that is supported by the latest in internet technology (IoT).

I also believe in nurturing the next generation and have a scholarship program for young individuals from struggling backgrounds to learn to become mechanics in my shop.