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Hello there, dear reader! Welcome to MechanicFaq. This is the place where you can find up-to-date information on everything related to the automotive industry. And we mean EVERYTHING! This site is fully dedicated to vehicles, accessories, equipment, replacement parts, tuning, maintenance, services, etc. This is where high-quality product reviews, expert automotive articles, buyer guides, interviews, tips, and other related content is born. 

MechanicFaq is made with love and passion by a team of professionals and is constantly evolving. We would like you to know that, without a doubt, new functions, sections, services, and author materials will always keep appearing on our website.

The site contains a database of feedback from car experts and owners, who share their experience, opinions, and impressions on various vehicles, parts, and accessories, discussing their performance and indicating the pros and cons. We make sure every article is filled with detailed information and useful specifications. 

Who We Are

We are a team of automotive experts, certified mechanics, and passionate car enthusiasts that found our calling in life as automotive informers to help car owners around the world make the right choice, empowering them with quality and trustworthy information on everything related to the automobile sphere. On our site, we offer various sections dedicated to a specific vehicle where you can find useful information on a certain subject. 

Our library consists of 5000+ content elements that have been created by car experts, mechanics, and automotive professionals over the past 15 years. Dozens of certified industry experts have already shared and continue to share their valuable knowledge to help our readers broaden their horizons and have a better understanding of their vehicle and car business in general, providing useful tools for the exceptional driving experience. No matter if you need a basic repair or want to modify your vehicle’s performance/appearance, even if you want to add some high-tech electronics or find out about state-of-the-art technologies – we can help you with all of your projects in the quickest time!

We are trying to make our site better every day so that every visitor can find the right answers.  

For more than 10 years, MechanicFaq has been helping those who need help with choosing replacement parts, on the fence about prices, or want to get acquainted with new tuning technologies and features. We provide reviews, product testings, and useful tips on car-related subjects. 

There’s no need to describe every section of our website – that’s too long and boring. The only thing left to add here is that we know what we deal with.

Our Mission

MechanicFAQ.com’s mission is to help new and used car buyers through car parts comparisons and answering FAQs. We write only vehicle-related content: trucks, cars, SUVs, EVs, motorbikes, EV bikes, and many more. We constantly refreshing our buying guides to keep them up to date.

Our Review Board

The MechanicFaq Review Board is a team of experts and auto-technicians, including recognized ASE-certified professional mechanics, who join us in our mission to enlighten, inspire, advise, and help car owners around the world, using their rich knowledge backed by many years of experience in the industry. 

We have product consultants, product trainers, technical writers, certified mechanics and passionate car enthusiasts just like you and us who are willing to share their valuable knowledge on various car-related topics and make sure our content is exhaustive, relevant, and meets our fundamental values.

Meet our Review Board

Jim Malkovich

Jim Malkovich

I got the idea for content writing after trying to source for various aftermarket components and realized that there were not enough reliable comparative sources. So instead of making you suffer from extended searches and hours of reading, I came up with a focused comparative method for presenting car components.

I am an expert in all things automotive; my niche areas are dedicated to transmission systems and some electronics, however, having over 10 years’ experience in all things car, I do have an understanding of most parts.
Today, the world is constantly evolving, and the car industry is one sector that leads the way in innovation and reform, so take into consideration that an article can come out with a model that was recently replaced with a newer one, I will get to the new one asap too.

Started as a mechanic, and advanced to managing three mechanic as well as the ODBII department. Eventually opened my shop which is an aftermarket upgrade shop, or what you would call a “pimp my ride” shop. I dedicate myself and my team to providing you with the latest and best options for upgrading your vehicle into whatever desire or beast of choice you choose.

I maintain firm control over records, invested in a comprehensive ERP system with CRM and now have a hands-on, face to face service that is supported by the latest in internet technology (IoT).

I also believe in nurturing the next generation and have a scholarship program for young individuals from struggling backgrounds to learn to become mechanics in my shop.

Dan Ilika

Dan Ilika

I am a proud owner of a Nissan 370Z, and, in general, I’m a Japanese car guy since childhood. I enjoy everything related to the road, track or trail. Among dozens of my previous cars, I owned Infinity G35, Subaru Outback, Honda Accord & CR-V.

Jeff Glucker

Jeff Glucker is a longtime editor and columnist at MechanicFAQ.com. He’s a proud Delaware native and currently lives in Wilmington. When he’s not writing about cars, he’s driving them. And when he’s not driving them, he’s probably doing something else like spending time with his wife or yelling on his children because you need to do that too. You can follow him on Twitter @JGlucker, or visit his new website.

Brian Jones

Brian Jones is a contributor at Motor1.com, Car Parts, Sports Betting, and other popular websites. He worked as an ASE Certified Master Tech for more than 30 years in various dealerships or car rentals. Now, he spends his time writing and consulting with those dealers. He currently lives outside of Dallas with his family. His passions include traveling, pickup trucks, and anything related to motorsports.


MechanicFaq’s team of professional fact-checkers carefully analyzes the content and provides full support on the protection, integrity, and privacy issues. These experts were carefully screened for subject matter expertise. They are our eyes when it comes to comprehensiveness, accuracy, and statistics in various articles from our writers. Their job is to ensure each text is relevant, ad rem, unique, and sourced correctly. We are proud to have them on board.

Writers and Policies

When it comes to the car business, there is no such thing as a “perfect-for-all” product. This is the reason why our writer team does its best for you to make the right choice and get exactly what you need. Everybody needs a trusted adviser to separate the chaff of deceit from the wheat of truth and accent facts. 

MechanicFaq expert writers have enough experience in certain automotive niches to provide accurate information on various vehicles, performance tips, accessories, equipment, replacement parts, tuning, maintenance, services, and guide you through every step of your driving experience. They know what to focus on in their articles, providing information in the most simple, efficient, and clear way to help you find out what you really need and achieve your goals. 

Our product reviews are 100% unique, based on thorough studies and rigorous testing.

How We Make Money

We at MechanicFaq allow advertisements because high-quality content creation requires maintaining sufficient resources. But we also maintain a clear division of advertising and editorial subjects. 

Our product review team constantly monitors the market and follows leading manufacturers to always stay tuned on various automotive subjects and provide you with the most relevant, consistent, and critical information available to date. All of their useful recommendations are a result of numerous thorough studies of various automotive sections that we cover on our site. 

We receive a certain commission according to the affiliate program on some (not all) of the products we recommend you to buy when you click through to the retailer site and buy something there.

What Our Readers Say

This site should be the home page of every car enthusiast! The project illuminates a lot of directions of the market – new trucks, tuning, tips, expert reviews, interviews, guidelines, and articles from people who know what they’re talking about. I think this is a unique source with lots of useful information. Way to go, MechanicFaq!


The site is really good! It has drastically improved my knowledge of the automotive industry. Every time I get here I see something useful and interesting. The site is constantly replenished with valuable information and copyright articles. They do have reviews from real experts and recommendations from experienced professionals because I know some of them myself.


I recognized my Ram from another side… Now that I know what it’s capable of, I’m gonna make it even better! MF makes it much easier when it comes to DIY repairs or just study your Big Boi. Special thanks to Richard for help!


All roads lead to MechanicFaq! I was actually kind of skeptical about it until I run into the right article. Don’t think I’ve ever read smth as clear as that lol. Very informative, useful, and straight to the point. Thank you.


MechnicFaq has become my faithful friend and reliable assistant in choosing a vehicle. I have F-150. And now I get here to check out new info about replacement parts! The articles are dope. Props to the writers! – Mike Johles, LA SHEAR


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