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In the past, the only way to replace your damaged/corroded aluminum alloy rims with a quality product was to purchase brand-new rims. At an average cost of $350.00 per rim, this was an expensive prospect. Although expert restoration services have been available to large businesses for some time, AAA Rims was established to focus specifically on you, the individual.

AAA Rims provided a cost-effective alternative, refinished and repaired aluminum alloy rims at a fraction of the cost of new dealer replacement rims. Customers could enjoy the attention and service offered to the big guys in the comfort of their own home. AAA Rims offered a complete inventory of tens of thousands of wheels in over 1300 different rim styles to cover every make and model of the car back through the 1991 model year.

AAA Rims utilized state-of-the-art processes and expertise gained from working for a number of the major OEM rim manufacturers to expertly restore wheels to a like-new condition. In addition to their unsurpassed service and competitive pricing, they had several special services for their customers.

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