Top 5 20-inch Tires for Dodge Ram 1500 – Buyer’s Guide! [2022]

Its time to buy a set of tires for your Dodge Ram 1500 and you are confused by all the letters and number codes, well no more confusion. In this article, I will present to you the five best 20-inch tires for Dodge Ram 1500 as well as explain the tire markings for all your requirements.

List of Top-Rated 20-inch Tires for Dodge Ram 1500

Falken Wildpeak AT3W 28034003 Falken Wildpeak AT3W 28034003275/60R20 115T34” x 34” x 11”View on Amazon
Mickey Thompson 90000029948 Mickey Thompson 90000029948275/60R20 115T11” x 33” x 33”View on Amazon
Nitto NT420SGoodyear Wrangler SR-A275/60R20 114S33” x 10.9” x 33”

View on Amazon
Dick Cepek 90000001934 Dick Cepek 90000001934LT275/65R20 126Q27” x 27” x 11.1”View on Amazon
Cooper Tires 90000026751 Cooper Tires 90000026751LT265/60R20 121Q32.8” x 32.8” x 10.7”View on Amazon

The 20-inch Tires for Dodge Ram 1500 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide:

Falken Wildpeak AT3W 28034003 – All-Terrain Radial Tire

Falken Wildpeak AT3W 28034003


The WILDPEAK A/T3W is a great cold-weather tire for 20” Dodge Ram 1500 applications.


This model comes with a secondary bead apex; this acts as a heat shield protecting the internal tire casing leading to a durable and well-handled drive. The lower sidewall dissipates heat, this protects the internal tire parts and maintains a cool drive cycle.

Falken Wildpeak AT3W 28034003

The 3D canyons sipe technology uses shoulder interlocks to resist high torque wear; this also increases the road handling and tire stability. The tire tread comes with rigged blocks that include support ramps and step‐down features giving additional rigidity across the contact patch. This also prevents grit and stones from accumulating between the grooves.

Falken Wildpeak AT3W 28034003

There is a model that comes with an aggressive upper sidewall and offset shoulder block to protect the tire from sharp objects further.


This is a well-priced deal, the tire is above average and comes with a good middle-range price that delivers on value per dollar. This is a great cold-weather tire.

Mickey Thompson 90000029948 – Mickey Thompson Deegan 38 All-Terrain Tire

Mickey Thompson 90000029948


The Deegan 38 All Terrain by Mickey Thompson comes with a 55,000-mile limited treadwear warranty for “LT” sizes.


This model has a silica-reinforced tread compound tread that delivers all-weather performance. There is a cut/chip resistance design that adds tire longevity, and the high-tensile 2-Ply body cord is an integral part of the construct that is used to the reduced weight, increased durability and improved the ride performance.

Mickey Thompson 90000029948

The design includes a variable-draft angle and treads edge chamfer which combined to reduce stone retention and maintain a clean and clear grip of the surface. The angled shoulder scallops and two-pitch SideBiter® pattern are engineered for off-road traction and perform exceptionally well in the most adverse of conditions.

This model comes with tread element tie-bars that are installed to improve stability and drive responsiveness.


When it comes to an upper-medium quality price, these tires for the Ram 1500 are there as leaders of the pack. While it does come with a reasonable price tag, it delivers all that it claims to do, and as such, is an exceptional investment for the long haul and off-road driver.

Goodyear Wrangler SR-A – Radial Tire

Nitto NT420S


The excellent Goodyear Wrangler SR-A is an all-terrain tire priced slightly higher than other brands like copper and federal. It is made mainly for highway use and also available as factory fitment on some tracks. The facts that it will give you a quiet drive make the right tire for daily use.


Good year wrangler SR-A is an all-around season tire with similar and high-level performance in all seasons in the rain, snow, and even ice. It can perform in all-season following its outstanding features: wide circumferential grooves, wet traction compound, the zigzag microgrooves, and the Tredlock microgrooves helping in cornering grip.

The tread pattern siping is what gives that additional wet surface traction, and the center tread pattern is designed to channel water for improved handling.


Cheap is always expensive, and you don’t have to consider the tire’s high price as it is worth the price. It is an excellent tire made of quality standard and comes with a limited trend warranty from the manufacturer covering up to 50,000 miles.

Dick Cepek 90000001934 – Fun Country All-Terrain Radial Tire

Dick Cepek 90000001934


OK, so now we have the Dick Cepek Fun Country All-Terrain Radial Tire, which is aptly named since it’s a highly rated, high priced tire of extreme performance capabilities.


This is a hybrid, mud, and snow rated tire that is engineered to deliver excellence in all areas of operation. The design features uniquely designed interlocking tread lugs with narrow sipes that deliver exceptional surface grip. There are wide alternating tread grooves combined with an excellent tread design giving you a constant and firm contact patch responding to changing terrain conditions.

Dick Cepek 90000001934

The tire has a computer-optimized tread pitch sequence that is designed to provide a quieter street ride, and the reinforced three-ply sidewall comes with the proprietary Dick Cepek alternating Sidebiters™ which protects the tires from sharp objects and puncturing.


This is the tire all tires aspire to be, it’s a hybrid for all weather and terrain, and the price is not a reflection of the brand but a reflection of the total quality and performance that this tire delivers. In my own words, if you can afford it, buy it, and you will never want to replace it.

Cooper Tires 90000026751 – Discoverer S/T Maxx All-Terrain Radial Tire

Cooper Tires 90000026751


The Discoverer S/T MAXX™ is a tough terrain first with on-road performance tire.


If you need an off-road performance tire, then this hybrid 4-5 rib design with low tread pattern noise will deliver the goods. This is an even wear tire and comes with the dual draft and non-parallel grooved walls. This design reduces stone retention and also protects from chipping and cutting.

The design includes stone ejector ribs that mechanically remove stones as the tire performs, and the proprietary Armor Tek3® construction is a feat of engineering designed to extend life for long-term off-road usage.


This is a fine example of an off-road tire that is suitable for road applications too. However, it is a shame to waste this on an all on-road application. This is truly suitable for off-road usage and should be considered as another well-priced leader of off-road performance power.

Dodge Ram 1500 Tires FAQ

Tire Size Markings

The first marking you will see is a letter, such as “P” which stands for Passenger Car, or “LT” which stands for light truck, ST for special trailer and T which stands for temporary (spare tire). This appears on US markings but not on European types.

The second marking is the section width of the tread in mm, so if you see the number 260 it means 260mm section width tread. This marking is separated by a “/,” and then a two-digit number appears. This is the third marking.

The third marking is the aspect ratio, this is the height of the sidewall as a percentage of the tread width, for instance, if the aspect ratio is 65, then it means it is 65% of 250 which is 162.5.

The next marking you see is a letter; this is the speed rating, for instance, Z =Speed Rating, S = 112mph, T = 118mph, etc. If you see a Z, it will be followed by another letter, usually W or Y speed rating that comes after the load index, so you know the exact speed of the tire’s rating.

The next marking is a letter followed by numbers, this is the construction letter and includes B for bias belt, the sidewalls are the same material as the tread, D for diagonal, R for radial and if there is no letter, then it’s a cross-ply tire.

The number after the letter denotes the wheel diameter in inches, so if you see 20, it stands for a tire that fits a 20” wheel.

Now we come to the load index marking, this is between two to three digits, and this is an indicator of the maximum load capacity that the tire can take., Never buy a load capacity that is lower than your vehicle’s designated load.

For instance, the load index of 60 represents 250 kg (550 lb), and the load index of 127 represents 1,750 kg (3,860 lb).

Now we come to the speed rating marking; it is not always included. The speed rating is a letter, and this represents the maximum speed that the tire can be driven with. For instance, A1 is 3mph, G is 56mph, and W is over 168mph Z stands for racing and will come with either a W or Y rating after it.

Those are the markings on tires, so when you see this:

  • LT215/85R1 it means Light Truck, 215mm tread width 85% height to width ratio, Radial with 16” wheel width.

U.S. Department of Transportation Markings (DOT)

All vehicles in the USA must have a DOT marking, this DOT number means that the tire conforms to the DOT regulations. The DOT code is made up of the 2-digit manufacturer code, the 2 sizes followed by the week and year of manufacture in a four-digit code.

Uniform Tire Quality Grading (UTQG) Marking

The Department of Transportation also requires all manufacturers to grade their tires under the Uniform Tire Quality Grade (UTQG) system. This system defines ratings for treadwear, traction, and temperature resistance.

The treadwear rating number refers to the durability of the tire; this is a loosely interpreted rating since the DOT does not test the tires, this is done by the manufacturer.

The traction rating letter code refers to the tire’s straight-line stopping power on wet asphalt and concrete. This test does not include cornering or hydroplaning resistance in wet conditions, neither does it address braking and handling in dry conditions. This rating is either AA, A, B or C, where AA is the highest rating.

The temperature rating which is rated between A to C refers to the tire’s thermal resistance when driven at high speeds; A is the highest rating.

What is the Maximum Inflation Pressure and Load?

The PSI (pounds per square inch) is a maximum inflation pressure number that the tire can handle. Always refer to the owner’s manual for tire pressure ratings.

The maximum load number represents the weight in pounds that the tire can carry individually when inflated at maximum pressure. Always match a load of your tire to the owner’s manual tire load indication.

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